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Associated Vehicle

One of the more popular groups for consumer-focused auto tech startups is the attached automobile, where businesses make use of vehicle information and cloud pc software allowing motorists and 3rd party services ideas into operating practices, vehicle consumption, and upkeep metrics. Businesses like Zubie and Automatic market products that capture data and invite motorists to track and improve operating practices, paired with an API for 3rd party services constructed on the surface of the device and software. Metromile is utilizing information from your own car to create a brand new particular “per-mile” usage-based automobile insurance.

Fleet Telematics

Fleet telematics caught on fairly early as a hot group for auto technology startups. Businesses like Telogis (first funded in '09), Greenroad (which received a string B in 2005), and Vnomics use set up hardware — and much more recently, often, smart phones — to fully capture information concerning the driving habits and fuel efficiency of truck drivers. Since trucks usually transport asset-intensive products, companies are highly incentivized to use products like these to improve cost savings and handle their particular inventory. These installed methods send and arrange data about fleets, supply in-vehicle mentoring, and records to drivers, and in addition manage billing for transport as an element of a suite of choices.

Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication

Vehicle-to-vehicle interaction enables automobiles to create decisions considering their particular environment and framework, including distance, speed, and directional motion of other vehicles, underpinning self-driving and security programs but also traffic management and driving performance use instances. Autotalks and Cohda Wireless marketplace rooms of equipment and software programs for vehicle-to-vehicle interaction (including vehicle-to-infrastructure communication). And Peloton deploys this technology primarily in trucks, which may in theory allow self-driving trucks traveling in close “platoons, ” and reduce the need for continual driver control.

Vehicle Cybersecurity

Vehicle cybersecurity is a small but rising field. Much more vehicles become attached to the cloud and infrastructure along with other automobiles, more feasible entry points exist that need to be shielded against hackers’ exploits. Argus, with raised $30M, is a cybersecurity business especially dedicated to vehicles. Towersec is designed to protect not just the car it self, but also any telematics and any in-vehicle infotainment aswell.

Driver-Safety Tools

Driver protection and collision-prevention tend to be among the most essential immediate programs car tech is attacking. Insurance firms tend to be especially enthusiastic about this category. Various techniques occur: Navdy is utilizing heads-up forecasts to produce appropriate information in order for motorists don’t evaluate their smartphones while operating; Cambridge mobile phone Telematics analyzes your driving habits making use of your smartphone, and offers coaching/analytics on how best to enhance; and Lytx makes use of dashcam technology to deliver comments centered on visual cues, coupled with driving practices.

Driver Assistance/Automated Car

These companies are using networks of sensors and powerful software to provide driver-assistance features. While businesses like Cruise are retrofitting older vehicles, Robot of Everything has a whole lab specialized in enhancing the different facets of automated operating inside their “robocars.” It’s not just cars, RoboCV is working to automate warehouse vehicles, which navigate in smaller, more constrained spaces.



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