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Bing has introduced changes to its local search algorithm, since dubbed the “Pigeon Update” because of the Search Engine Optimization industry.

The paint is not very dry yet, but Google’s new “search squab” generally seems to tie neighborhood algorithmic search engine rankings nearer to classic organic positioning by detatching filters previously in position that often preferred certain types of directories (i.e. Google+ Regional). The Pigeon Update levels the playing field by insisting both formulas today count on a lot more of exactly the same ranking elements that dictate search results web page (SERP) exposure.
Exactly what are the effects so far? Into the days following up-date, preliminary studies have shown a drop inside regularity of neighborhood 7 pack outcomes, a rise in the regularity of regional 3 pack listings, and directory and business detailing internet sites have begun to rise to your first-page of results across an easy variety of questions. It appears that Google is: 1) using much more web ranking indicators to local search queries; 2) the radius for neighborhood results was reduced; 3) many different directories are included with the combine or given even more importance (Yelp, YellowPages, etc.).

What does the Pigeon modify and its impacts mean for automobile industry? Thus far, very little. Auto-related inquiries have remained largely un-phased by Google’s latest algorithm change, therefore we haven't seen a significant decline in the frequency of neighborhood 7 pack outcomes for relevant geo-modified searches. That does not suggest, however, that dealerships can merely relax and trust your the search engines will usually look out for the interests of automotive shopping. As Google is obviously adjusting its algorithm to deliver the greatest results to people and shield its market share, there’s almost no time like the give ready your site (and website, generally) for an ever-changing internet search engine landscape.

To make certain your site presence continues to be at forefront of serp's, follow these simple steps – a few of which are long-standing principles of’s SEO strategy – to allow “the Pigeon know where to land”:

  • Ensure that company pages on major directories/aggregator websites are optimized. Yelp, Google+, YellowPages, DealerRater, etc. – They all need constant company information particularly websites, manufacturers and NAP (name/address/phone numbers). Ideal for human user experience and there’s in addition proof Google rewards these types of persistence.
  • markup can help search-engines link the dots between in which your company is located in proximity into individual – in addition to other advantages according to the form of markup used.
  • Include hyper-local content. With Google’s search radius obviously becoming smaller, it could be a good idea to integrate hyper-local content to deliver a stronger signal about where your company is located. For instance, consider making use of appropriate “colloquial” terms like, “South End, ” “North Shore, ” “Gaslight District, ” etc.

Although the Pigeon Update has actually largely untouched automotive retail, this has affected many other companies. Make an effort now to optimize your site and web site so when future algorithm updates arrive you don't have to try out get caught up. In addition to this, confer with your Digital consultant these days how we of automotive SEO professionals can work for you so that you can remain dedicated to what counts many – selling cars.



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