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Supply chain management in automobile industry

It standardizes and combines the spare parts logistics process through the entire whole supply chain, comprising:
  • The whole supplyprocess from vehicle dealers’ sales all the way to complete repayment
  • Forecast and preparation of future spare component demand
  • Linking all partners towards free components logistics system
  • Warehouse administration from incoming items to outbound items, including stock transfer and annual stocktaking
  • Of this type, including Advantech-DLoG MTC 6 car mount terminals with 10“ und 12’’ displays on forklifts or purchase pickers provide exact and flexible management of initial parts logistics
  • Optimal Durability for Uninterrupted


Advantech mobile computingsolutions support said processes, decrease mistake and failure rates, and enhance uninterrupted manufacturing. This escalates the ROI, ensures consistently large product quality, and means that deliveries and deadlines tend to be satisfied. That’s why automobile producers set great price on dependable and fail-safe industry computer systems. However, automotive production is a rather demanding environment for processing hardware. The terminals are exposed to substances that are very hurtful for electronic devices. One of these is carbon, a material that's growing more and more popular in vehicle design. Carbon dust is extremely electrically conducting and at risk of cause brief circuits if buying a CPU. However, this leads to no t rouble for Advantech’s XMT 5, MTC 6 and DLT-V8310 car mount terminals. They've been totally sealed against dust and water based on the IP67 security course, guaranteeing flawless operation even in moist or polluted conditions.

Also these vehicle mount terminals are protected against shock and vibration. That’s important, given that warehouse floors often are very uneven, with potholes, railroad rails etc. Many forklifts or tugger trains usually do not feature any suspension system or shock absorbers, therefore every impact due to going-over a bump is right handed down toward automobile mount terminal. Advantech terminals tend to be impervious to the stress. Also, the touchscreen displays are very hard and highly durable when it comes to technical influence and wear. The high-quality displays are easy to review in direct sunlight and bright, reflective environments. As a weak mount can be the weak spot of a challenging terminal, Advantech provides several tested and certified brackets and mounts for their terminals, keyboards and scanners, including customdeveloped choices. It is also possibletomount the terminals without making a mark – a great solution for vehicle leases.

Reliable WLAN Connectivity
Moreover, Advantech-DLoG’s XMT 5, MTC 6 and DLT-V8310 terminals feature WLAN variety for optimum access. Enhanced antennas and separately customizable wireless cards make sure a secure and trustworthy data link even yet in hard conditions. The look for the antenna of a mobile terminal is vital for maximum roaming behavior. Its technical stability is just as essential as the balanced radiation behavior. Advantech-DLoG has designed a solut ion in collaboration with leading antenna makers. The antennas are tailored optimally into the housing of vehicle mount terminals. This will make them extremely resistant and offers an optimum transmission in comparison to off-the-shelf antennas. If vehicle’s motorist cabin will restrict the WLAN radio link, we can supply remote antennas that canbe mounted on the vehicle’s motorist cabin.



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