Bumper Cars Manufacturers

BUMPER cars manufacturers

amusement park bumper cars for saleToday, one of many popular amusement bumper vehicle manufacturers–Beston Amusement gear Co. Ltd develops a new form of cheap bumper cars–the expansive bumper automobile!

What's an expansive bumper car

Everybody knows that a traditional bumper vehicle is a little electric car surrounded on all sides by rubber bumpers. But an inflatable bumper car for sale is in the middle of the inflatable PVC material, that determines whenever you drive your dodgem vehicle to crash in to the other people, you will be safer but feeling much more exciting. The expansive PVC product will soak up significantly more power and provides you a significantly better experience

Programs of Beston inflatable bumper vehicles obtainable:

The electric inflatable bumper vehicles is included at amusement parks, funfairs, in the supermarkets. High Return for people.

Top features of the Beston Battery Powered Inflatable Bumper Cars on the market:

dodgem vehicles on the marketThe inflatable bumper cars need no special floors or ceilings. They are able to operate onto all types of surfaces like concrete, lumber and so on. And for nearly all of young ones and adults, the special and sweet look of expansive bumper vehicles means they are have a try.


Item Quantity: QLFS-IBCK

Body weight: 63kg
Load: 100kg
Material: PVC+FRP+steel
MP3: SD cards/Hi-Fi
Speed: 6km/h
Color: could be custom-made
Control: remote control
Diameter: 1.3m
Power: 12V 33A/H
Charger: 24V samrt charger
Accessories: Light-emitting Diode lights

Beston spin area bumper automobiles sales low priced in AsiaItem quantity: QLFS-SPZ

1. Weight: 200kg
2. Capacity: 200kg
3. Size: 2.1m(outer dia.)*0.95m
4. Information: PVC+FRP
5. Control: Remote control(radio control system)
6. Music: Digital DJ
7. Power: 12V/55AH

Other options that come with the Beston Battery Operated Inflatable Bumper Cars on the market:

1. Really safe, cannot trigger fire
2. Digital and remote-control, fast start, quickly stop
3. Low price and quality
4. Very easy to operate and keep
5. Low-power, economical
6. Rechargeable and dichargeable battery with trustworthy quality

Beston Floor Grid Inflatable Bumper Cars available:


Weight: 73kg
Load: 115kg
Information: PVC+FRP+steel
MP3: SD cards/Hi-Fi
Speed: 8km/h
Color: are custom made



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