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  • 8.8.1.Spyker
  • In 1914 the organization joined with all the Dutch Aircraft Factory N.V and became referred to as Dutch automobile and Aircraft organization.
  • Initial model from the newest business had been the 3, 560 cc, four-cylinder Spyker 13/30 C1 (1916-21). Could be the 1916 date proper ?
  • In 1922 the business had been obtained by Spyker's Brit distributor and renamed “Spyker Automobielfabriek”.
  • The past Spyker model produced was the true luxury 5, 742 cc, six-cylinder, 30/40 C4 design (1920-25). In 1922 it broke the 24-hour rate record, averaging 119 kph (74 mph).
  • By the time the business ceased trading in 1926 it is estimated that about 2, 000 cars was produced. From 1920 the business additionally produced vehicles and buses.
  • Note: In 1921 there were between 8, 000 and 10, 000 vehicles in Holland (and 20, 000 motorbikes) and three automobile producers.
  • In 1999 “Spyker vehicles N.V” ended up being created plus 2000 they introduced the hand-built, two-seat, C8 Spyder. The 4, 172 cc, 298 kW (400 hp), automobile features a high speed of 187 mph (300 kph).
  • Aside from the C8 Spyder, models for sale in 2007 included the C8 Laviolette, the 5, 998 cc C12 Spyder, the D12 “Peking-to-Paris” SUV and C12 Zagato - an automobile with a high speed of 195 mph (310 kph).
  • In 1928 two brothers, Huub and Wim van Doorne started initially to develop trailers. In 1932 the organization ended up being called Van Doorne's Aanhangwagen (trailer) Fabriek.
  • In 1949, if the company started making buses and trucks, title ended up being changed to Van Doorne's Automobiel Fabriek (DAF).
  • In 1955 the brothers chose to create their particular very first vehicle and the after year a prototype had been made, with a tiny pre-production group after in 1957.
  • The DAF 600 ended up being shown on 1958 Dutch car tv show and over 3, 000 were purchased.
  • It had two doorways, a 590 cc engine, an automatic transmission designed by DAF (known as Variomatic) and a top rate of almost 90 kph (56 mph).
  • The first vehicles were delivered in 1959.
  • Between 1959 and 1975, whenever DAF’s vehicle division ended up being offered to Volvo, the organization stated in 1961 the DAF 750, an even more powerful variation of the 600, the DAF 33 (1967-74), DAF 44 (1966-74), DAF 55 (1967-72) and finally the DAF 66 from 1971.

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