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Process of car Manufacturing

Any vehicle device could be divided in to 6 shops specifically:
Engine store- where in fact the motor block casting is manufactured based on dimensions and other engine components are assembled.

Engine assemble line

Transaxle store - total machining of gear blanks, shafts and assemble of gear package is completed here. Kit box is send to engine shop in which its fitted with motor as well as the unit is called powertrain.

gear package line

Hit store- the sheet material procedure is completed where the different panels for the vehicle are created including doors, pillars, hood, roof an such like.

hydraulic forging machines in hit shopcar panels from hit shop

Weld shop- Welding of those panels is performed while the human anatomy made is named body in white (BIW).

BIW of a vehicle

Paint shop- whilst the title reveals, the artwork of full body is performed, and painted human body is delivered for last construction.

TCF store- Trim Chasis Final store where the motor is put together using the body as well as other parts eg tires, wind shield, seats dashboard, ac, etc.

Testing - eventually tests are carried out such as shower test, DLT test, drive test etc



History of car Manufacturing
History of car Manufacturing

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