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Russian cars manufacturers

Russian automobile makers

Years ago, Soviet residents could only dream about a car or truck, regarded as an extravagance instead of an easy method of transport. The cost had been too much additionally the waiting record stretched for years.

Here are a few notes about the key Russian automobile makers vying for Russian customers.


Title of Avtovaz is firstly connected with Lada design, essentially the most regularly met Russian vehicle design from the roadways. However, Avtovaz is the leading Russian traveler vehicle maker and today creates many models well-accepted in the united kingdom (Niva, Oka, Lada).

Avtovaz goes to 1966, if the construction deals with a brand new car-making plant began. The Soviet Union and Italian Fiat determined a cooperation contract on conjoint development of a car design and car-making plant. The expression associated with contract ended up being 8 many years.

The first plant Volzhsky ended up being integrated Togliatti, modern Samara area. In April 1970 first six cars VAZ 2101 were created. Because of the end of the year the plant had introduced 350 cars a day, that was some kind of an archive. Since then VAZ cars were continuously awarded and obtained the trustworthiness of many general public automobiles for the Soviet people.

Lada Kalina

Nowadays Avtovaz keeps its role as the crucial Russian passanger car maker and cooperates with General Motors plus the Renault-Nissan concern. The French-Japanese team plans to set up a joint venture using Russian Technologies business controlling the plant. According to the program, the international manufacturers will possess a 67.13 percent and a liability to take a position 23 billion roubles when you look at the production. The partnership will hold 74.5 % of Avtovaz.

Avtovaz model line: Lada Kalina, Lada Priora, Lada Samara, Chevrolet Niva and others.

Gaz Group

The Gaz Group could be the biggest car manufacturer in Russia.

The business ended up being established in 2005 following the restructuring of RusPromAvto's possessions. Immediately after its launch in 1929, the Gorkovsky (Gaz) car works signed an understanding with all the United states Ford Motors on technical assistance and collaboration to make Ford-A course traveler automobiles within the Soviet Union. The part of the works when you look at the days of the WWII had been huge: over 9 000 self-propelled automobiles, 12 000 tanks, 24 000 mortar launchers, over 30 000 missiles for renowned Katyusha missile launchers.


Following the war the works initiated creation of a fresh truck GAZ 51, and a fresh passenger car GAZ M 20 Pobeda (triumph) – this design ended up being recognized overseas and became popular.

Various other well-known cars tend to be Volga and Chaika – in 1958 at intercontinental convention in Brussels they won Grand Prix. In sixties the works renewed its line of vehicles.

In 1981, it produced its ten-million automobile.

In 2000s, it influenced industry of shuttle minibuses, with its Gazelle prepare, with had really serious issues with safety.

Its medium-quality Siber model needed to be defer the production line in a very competitive environment, and soon after the Nizhny Novgorod plant was obligated to give up on its very own production while focusing on efficient system of international creates.

On December 12, 2012 the plant established the full-cycle production of Skoda Yeti and promised to introduce the system of VW Jetta and Skoda Octavia early next year.

GAZ's Nizhny Novgorod plant also produce 30, 000 products regarding the Chevrolet Aveo each year for GM, beginning 2013.


KAMAZ open-joint Stock Company ended up being created in 1990 as a descendant of commercial connection KAMAZ that were started in 1969. KAMAZ Inc. could be the largest Russian car producer, which insures transport safety of nation.

KAMAZ Inc. is a sizable automobile building business. The united production complex of KAMAZ Inc. includes 13 huge special-purpose flowers building, producing, assembling automobiles and components and advertising and marketing end products. The KAMAZ set of organizations is made of 96 companies including NefAZ OJSC (Neftekamsk town) and Avtopritsep-KAMAZ OJSC (Stavropol city). Share of KAMAZ Inc. is 51per cent in all these two businesses.

The first truck was put together in February 1976. Since then KAMAZ Inc. was playing a significant role in the world car industry. It is among the top ten makers of heavy-duty automobiles and it is the 8th in the field on production amounts of diesel engines. Thus, within 29 many years there is put together over 1, 7 million heavy-duty vehicles and 2, 3 million motors. KAMAZ Inc. manufactures an array of heavy-duty dump trucks (over 30 designs and about 400 adjustments trucks with a right-side steering wheel), buses, trailers, castings, forgings, resources and many others.

KAMAZ could be the major vehicle supplier the Ministry of Defense for the Russian Federation, RAO GAZPROM, LUKOIL, SUEK, TNK.

After the WWII the plant produced mainly new vehicle designs and buses. In 1956 Ivan Alekseevich Likhachov passed away, and plant ended up being named after him. Following the effective round-Earth journey of Yuri Gagarin, the space business developed quickly into the Soviet Union. ZIL had been forgotten and created rescue-emergency vehicles (PEU-1) targeted at rescuing and evacuation functions of room products and cosmonauts.

On September 23, 1992 PA ZIL had been privatized whilst the first one out of the additionally the among the first on the list of largest companies in Russia, and it had been changed into open-joint inventory Moscow business "Plant called after I. Lihachov" (AMO ZIL) maintaining the trademark "ZIL". These days ZIL manufactures 3 to 8 ton ability trucks with vans, limousines and buses



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