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At Motor Coach Industries, we know that every staff member is important it doesn't matter what role they perform or the length of time they've been around. Engine Coach Industries offers more than just work. We offer possibilities to advance your job with a chance to work with the leader in design, production and advertising of coaches and coach-related components and services when it comes to North American marketplace, and builder of this industry's two most popular mentor designs. From manufacturing, engineering, or components distribution to executive, accounting, and administrative jobs, MCI has actually numerous interesting possibilities with its corporate, production, components distribution, sales and upkeep facilities.

Just who WE HAVE BEEN:
At MCI, our motto — and our philosophy — is "Reliability Driven!" Meaning going the excess mile for the consumers, both external and inner, at each turn. As co-workers, we share in an attitude that acknowledges a person's contribution meant for one another to produce our consumers with top-notch, trustworthy coaches, and world-class customer care.

Our objective will be continuously set a benchmarks for passenger comfort, energy conservation, ecological friendliness and security, and help our products with a network of value-based aftermarket services including education, roadside support, and technical and parts support.

With consumers around the world; production facilities in the Canada together with US; and workplaces and solution locations across those two countries, we are a global company that takes pleasure with its united states roots.

WHAT WE DO: Motor Coach Industries builds two for the business's best-selling coaches. We have been the leading maker of intercity coaches within the U.S. and Canada for trip, charter, planned solution, transformation and transit agencies uses. Altogether, our mentors compensate over fifty percent the mentors on U.S. roadways these days. Recognized for their particular quality and convenience, our mentors have been in the fleets of 60 percent of America's biggest tour and charter organizations. Our community industry division areas the commuter mentor design, in line with the business's well-known D-Series, into following markets: Transit Agencies, for application on longer-distance BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) Express roads; Universities; and national Agencies such as the U.S. military, the Immigration and Naturalization provider, U.S. Border Patrol and division of Energy. MCI additionally serves county, state and national prisons using its ISTV design, usually described as a prison on rims.

WHAT WE PROVIDE: So why work with MCI? you will end up an integral part of a business and work with a business that's "Reliability Driven." In today's energy-conscious environment, the motor mentor has come full circle in satisfying the interest in solutions to traffic obstruction and emissions mitigation. Our services perform a crucial part in the present transportation landscape, while the future of your business is full of opportunity. We offer competitive income and per hour receiving bundles with health benefits and paid holiday time, combined with the career-building advantages which come from employed by the industry frontrunner.

Locations: the organization head office is found in Diverses Plaines, Illinois, with sales and service centers across the U.S. as well as in Canada. Into the U.S., engine Coach Industries employs staff in Pembina, North Dakota; Dallas, Texas; Orlando, Florida; Los Alamitos, California; Blackwood, nj; East Brunswick, New Jersey; Diverses Plaines, Illinois; and our logistics warehouse in Louisville, Kentucky; In Canada, our services are located in Winnipeg, Manitoba and Montreal, Quebec.



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Motor Coach Industries Parts
Motor Coach Industries Parts

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