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Automobile industry in Germany

The number one exportThe business serves as an instigator for many other manufacturing areas. A sizable community of suppliers from fields of mechanical manufacturing, metalworking, together with textile and chemical industries provide materials the automotive business and take advantage of its large order amounts. The industry practiced an archive year in 2011. According to the business connection VDA, Germany’s annual automobile manufacturing achieved a figure of some 5.87 million vehicles that year – the highest number recorded in the industry’s 125-year record. With many 5.6 million created automobiles this amount can also be maintained in 2014.

The automotive business's annual product sales achieved a record amount 2014 with about 368 billion euros. This corresponds to a growth of 2 %. The need from abroad is a big part. Vehicles and parts for automobiles were the most crucial export product in 2015: more than 75 per cent of most automobiles created right here were shipped. Particularly the demand in parts of asia, including Taiwan, Southern Korea and China has considerably increased.



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