Part 7: The Tiny Jewels of

Italian Automobile manufacturers

The Vanderbilt Cup Race of 1906Italian car producer

Enzo Ferrari

Enzo Ferrari (produced Feb. 18, 1898, , —died Aug. 14, 1988, Modena) Italian manufacturer, designer, and racing-car driver whoever Ferrari automobiles often dominated globe rushing competitors in the last half of twentieth century.

Ferrari raced test cars for a little vehicle business in Milan after . In 1920 he became a racing-car motorist when it comes to Alfa Romeo business, and in 1929 he formed a rushing stable, Scuderia Ferrari, which remained Alfa Romeo’s formal rushing team even after Ferrari himself stopped to push in races in 1932. The initial racing car entirely created by Ferrari himself had been built-in 1937, for Alfa Romeo. In 1939 Ferrari severed his team’s experience of Alfa Romeo and founded the firm of , but the firm did not manufacture its very first rushing automobiles until 1946, after . The firm’s automobiles quickly became recognized for their particular solid rate and handcrafted high quality. Ferrari’s Formula 1 racers and vehicles won many Grand Prix events and manufacturers’ titles from the 1950s on, from time to time dominating the competition. The true luxury activities cars the firm built won an identical track record of speed and precise management.

Enzo Ferrari sold a 50-percent share of his organization to in 1969, but he stayed president for the company until 1977 and retained control over the Ferrari racing group until his demise.

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