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Automobile manufacturing industry

Big and Small Company

Automobile manufacturing is a major consumer of several of your economic climate’s biggest names, including 3M, IBM, GE, HP, Dow, Microsoft, Intel and Oracle. In reality, 50 % of the businesses placed in the Dow Jones Industrial Average depend on autos for income. While automakers would be the most noticeable the main business, auto production encompasses numerous diverse organizations in communities coast-to-coast — 45 states have more than 10, 000 auto-related jobs, and 20 of those states have more than 100, 000 auto tasks.

Top Main Products Customer

Automakers are among the list of biggest customers of aluminum, copper, metal, plastic materials, rubberized and metal. In addition they utilize many recycled products, from plastic containers changed into brand new carpeting to aluminum converted into new automobile home frames. Automobile businesses may also be consumers of agriculture, transforming biomaterials like soy into sitting cushions and biomass into tires. Furthermore, automakers tend to be significant customers of unique metals necessary for new clean car technology.

Auto-manufacturers tend to be among Largest customers of Aluminum, Copper, Iron, Plastics, Rubber, and Steel car tasks

Today, 7.25 million People in the us and their loved ones depend on vehicles for their livelihoods. Automakers right employ 1.5 million individuals to design, engineer, manufacture and provide components to gather, sell and program brand new motor vehicles. When indirect and community support jobs tend to be added, automakers help an overall total of 2.44 million jobs nationwide. Suppliers help another 3.16 million workers, and dealers help 1.65 million (direct, indirect and spin-off tasks).


Payment arising from U.S. auto production is considerable, amounting to over $500 billion annually. To place that in perspective:

7 Million People in the us and their loved ones rely on Automobiles for a Livelihood R&D Investments

The automotive business spends nearly 0 billion globally on R&D – billion per year into the U.S. alone – or typically , 200 for research and development per automobile. In fact, the automobile business provides 16 per cent of total globally R&D investment for many sectors. 99 % of the automotive R&D is created because of the automobile business, with the government adding only one percent. Almost 60, 000 people when you look at the U.S. alone are used in automotive study and development activities. Read more about R&D and Innovation inside auto industry here.

Global Management

Production autos is vital to a good economy, since prosperity is indeed connected to mobility. Associated with the 7 top worldwide economies, each one of all of them has a substantial car production presence (U.S./Canada, 13.4 million automobiles; Asia, 22.1 million; Japan, 9.6 million; Germany, 5.9 million, Brazil, 3.8 million; Asia, 3.9 million; based on 2013 production). In fact, among the list of nations which compose the most important economies of the world labeled as the “Group of 20” (G20), only one country (Saudi Arabia) doesn't have car manufacturing.



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