Automobile Production Line

Automobile production line

Cover imageThe most hard jobs in the subsequent stages of automobile system is the dimensional assessment of this gaps amongst the automobile human anatomy plus the various panels fitted onto it (doors, motor-hood, etc.). The work of a computerized gap-measuring system would decrease the costs significantly and would provide high mobility. However, this task is still performed by humans and only several — however experimental — automated methods have already been reported. Inside report, we introduce a method for automated gap assessment that hires computer system eyesight. It is capable of measuring the horizontal additionally the range measurement regarding the space (circumference and flush, correspondingly). The measurement set up is made of two calibrated stereo cameras as well as 2 infrared Light-emitting Diode lamps, used for highlighting the edges for the space through specular reflection. The gap is calculated as the 3D distance between your highlighted sides. This process features considerable advantages against the laser-based, gap-measuring systems, due primarily to its color independency. Our method is analytically described in 2D and extensively evaluated utilizing artificial and real spaces. The outcomes obtained verify its robustness and its usefulness in a commercial environment.


  • Automated artistic examination;
  • Specular expression;
  • Space measurement

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Dimitrios Kosmopoulos got the BS degree in electrical and computer engineering from National Technical University of Athens in 1997 and is at this time working toward a PhD level in computer system research on exact same institution. He Could Be additionally a study associate at the Nationwide Center for Science and Analysis “Demokritos”. He's got worked as specialist and creator in lots of commercial and European tasks. Their present analysis passions consist of computer eyesight, structure recognition image processing and robotics.



Automobile production
Automobile production
Automobile production by year
Automobile production by year

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