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Automotive industry in France

The eu (EU) could be the world’s leading producer of cars. The automotive business the most considerable contributors into economy associated with the eu. The existence of vast base of the automotive business inside eu features contributed mainly into prosperity of European countries.

The automotive industry in eu could be the biggest supplier of work to individuals in Europe. A hires the largest number highly skilled labors and it is an integral driver associated with the Europe’s development and understanding.

The European automotive business is the reason attracting biggest foreign financial investment in R & D (Research and Development). The major emphasize of the European Union automotive industry is, the sector is amongst the leading contributors into the GDP (Gross Domestic item). The industry in addition makes up the largest export of European countries; this will be one industry where Europe exports over it imports.


The European Commission realizes the potential associated with automotive sector and has now already been proactive to safeguard the industry and encourage it to prosper further. Inside framework, the commission features established certain goal concerning the automotive sector, that will be the following:

1. To motivate competition amongst secret people in the market:

The European Commission is designed to identify and measure the policy issues that tend to be significant to encourage healthier competitiveness of this EU automotive industry and to recommend feasible solution by taking into account the personal, ecological and economic objectives.

2. To adapt a straightforward and extensive inner market laws for automotive business:

The attempts associated with the European Commission to improve the internal market regulation for automobile business in European countries is primarily inside the purview of introduction associated with entire vehicle-type-approval system which allows vehicle manufactures to own an automobile type approved in a single member country regarding the EU and be able to sell/market the finished item throughout various other user nations of EU without the further tests.



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