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Note: for a true Generation Y marketing point of view, our genuine Gen-Y marketing intern, Brad, researched and penned this short article, which dispels many fables about advertising to your millennial generation.

marketing gen-y millennials automotive aftermarket Generation Y, better-known while the millennial generation (created in 1980-2000), could be the first-generation to grow up with modern technology which affects exactly how millennials view cars and car accessories. Because of this generation, technology is not only another accessory; its need and a means of life.

Millennials think it is extremely important to have top quality technology that can be synchronized between products. Millennials tend to have a very strong inclination when it comes to technology, specially when it comes to buying a unique car.

Market research: Millennials drive much more kilometers than past years

Millennials invest many time in the automobile, contrary to most reports previously several years. While exercising and remaining quite healthy is a trend associated with the millennial generation, the car continues to be their particular go-to mode of transportation. Not only could be the car popular with the millennial generation, however it is currently more popular together with them than along with other generations. Research indicates millennials actually drive more miles every month than any other generation, which is the reason why it is vital to the majority of millennials to own a motor vehicle they could call unique. Having their automobile is indeed crucial that you this generation that numerous men and women would prefer to throw in the towel their phone for just about every day or a week in the place of their vehicle (resource: MTV study “Millennials Have Actually Drive“). With a generation constructed on technology, mobiles have practically become a necessity for most people; but appears as though driving may be as vital that you this generation. Millennials aren't purchasing a vehicle to just get from point A to B. they're a generation that is concerned about operating protection and having technology which will protect them and their automobiles.

The MTV study reveals millennials drive 72% even more miles than middle-agers and 18percent significantly more than Gen-X. It reveals about 80per cent of Gen-Y’ers get around by vehicle.

Millennials desire their vehicles become personalized

Millennials comprise a sizable portion of existing car proprietors, and you will be the main generation of vehicle proprietors for quite some time as time goes on. This being stated, it is crucial to focus on the millennial generation and also to still marketplace automobiles in a manner that will draw their interest. Millennials, like stated earlier, are particularly interested in having special things. They need their automobiles to complement their character.

What exactly precisely will they be looking? Millennials desire to be in a position to entirely customize a car of these option. Being able to entirely customize the inside of their automobiles is key to millennials. They want to be able to decide between different color systems and differing types within the car. Tests also show customizing the interior appears to be much more crucial than exterior customization. This is likely because it is much easier plus cheap to modify (origin: MTV study “Millennials Have Drive“).

How come customizing essential to millennials? Individuality. Millennials prefer to express themselves atlanta divorce attorneys method feasible. They want to be able to show that they're unique of their peers and unique.

Vehicle technologies are very important to millennials

Top quality technology is important for millennial generation plus they always have high quality technology inside their cars. However, technologies that boost the real driving experience or security tend to be more important than extra bells and whistles. For example, millennials have an interest in blind area detection, night vision, collision avoidance methods, back-up cameras, and self-healing paint. Millennials are interested in complete safety and taking good care of their particular vehicle (resource: JD Power ““)

They may not be as thinking about interruptions such as touch screens, health and fitness programs, or hand motion settings. That technology is great but having it in a car is not so excellent. Implementing these technologies in automobiles or inside accessories can greatly improve potential sales.

Millennials want to show their personality

Success is defined in many different methods. Generally, earlier years (Gen-X, seniors) defined success as becoming independent. It absolutely was understood to be the time for which you had no reliance on anyone else and may totally support yourself. However, as time has gone in the next generation, the millennials, establish success a little bit differently. Millennials don't just desire to be separate, they need much more. They would like to be special, and individualistic. They want to differ than everyone and then show unique personality. Not only do they would like to be special, they need their belongings to-be special aswell.

Ways to market to Gen-Y/millennials

Gen-Y is a tech-savvy generation and needs a unique method of marketing. Pre-purchase electronic modification is worth trying. Some Gen-Yers want to be able to entirely design their fantasy vehicle from scratch. They want to have the ability to design the inner colors, the sort of material utilized, the sorts of technology inside car, and also how everything into the vehicle is laid out.



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