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“exactly what do you want to be once you grow up?”

It’s a question every youngster is asked as adults ask about their particular hopes and fantasies for the future. Becoming a racing driver the most enduring and common fantasies for car-mad kids.

As children age and trade the precious smiles for spots and angst, their early fantasy jobs frequently fade from reality. Yet, for many individuals, you'll find nothing incorrect with tapping into their particular innermost passions to forge a career from something which they have constantly known and liked.

Therefore, what about that battle vehicle driver dream? It could effortlessly be channelled into a role into the automotive industry that produces the very best using your abilities.


As the younger self would have been just also conscious, all automobiles need to look the part. Whether that function as the cars we drive for pleasure, rushing vehicles, vans or business automobiles, you can find an entire number of possibilities to work in their design. That can be something from coming up with new vehicle prototypes to focusing on the human body and paintwork. It is a talented task that requires expert understanding and equipment – like squirt booths from Airblast Eurospray – and is a great way to make a mark regarding the industry.

Product Sales

In the event that you can’t drive them, offer them. Many automobile salesmen begin their career path because of the passion they will have for various creates and types of car. In a selling job you’ll be able to wax lyrical about your favourite topic the whole day, persuading consumers why your favoured creates and models are suitable for them. What’s never to love about that? You will find opportunities to climb up the job ladder within field and specialise with specific producers and/or the economic and insurance coverage components of the sale also in the event that you’ve got a good mind for figures.


Features your fascination with automobiles manifested it self in a practical means? Some people love absolutely nothing better than to tinker because of the bits and bobs that make a motor tick. There’s an opportunity to utilize this understanding getting a foot in the door of this automotive industry too. Technicians can get their particular fingers dirty taking a look at braking system pads and tuning-up engines while completely blown mechanics consider everything from motors to electrics.


it is quite a thrilling time and energy to be engaged within the automotive industry at the moment, with businesses across the world looking at how exactly to provide the desire driverless cars. Vehicle followers with a penchant for computer technology is in the centre with this process as specialists seek out a method to result in the technology work whilst becoming safe and affordable for the mass market. Now is time for you to enter and become an integral part of this.

Whether you expect a role in product sales, finance, design, mechanical or perhaps in useful work and technical improvements, there’s a big number of techniques for getting into a lifetime career within the automotive business. This may be a lucrative and satisfying profession proper – and something that goes some way to meeting that youth dream too.


Patrick Vernon is an independent writer, specialising in career and business related content. He has got attained experience writing for many different magazines and websites, exploring the newest training and job recommendations and providing his advice to students.



Is it dangerous to do your own car repair? - Quora

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, auto mechanics have an annual fatal accident rate of 4.3 per 100,000,  about equal to that of plumbers. Chart here: 


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