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Shiraz Mosque Iran. Photo courtesy 500px.comNasir Al-Mulk mosque in Shiraz, Iran

With Iran agreeing to suppress its nuclear system in return for the termination of economic sanctions, carmakers are scrambling into the starting blocks being most readily useful enjoy the orifice of a high-potential marketplace to competition. If you are a consistent BSCB audience, you will certainly know that the best-selling automobiles in Iran tend to be typically decades-old styles put together in your area whilst the not enough true competition available in the market has actually stifled innovation. The domestic best-sellers revolve around simply a small number of ageing basics: the Saipa Pride – in essence a 1986 Kia Pride, the Peugeot 405/Pars – only facelift of this initial Peugeot 405 established in 1987, the Peugeot 206, Iran Khodro Samand and new frontrunner: the Saipa Tiba.

Tehran, Iran

We have been for that reason potentially regarding cusp of a total reshuffle of Iranian vehicle market. Freer trade with foreign countries will undoubtedly boost imports and manufacturers can certainly make plans to develop new industrial facilities so that you can sidestep import taxes and offer automobiles at more competitive rates. The prospects are searching really bright indeed for Iran. But just exactly how much potential does the Iranian brand-new vehicle market hold? Car registrations ipeaked at 1.6 million in 2011 before collapsing as financial sanctions had been strengthened. Domestic manufacturing additionally fell, by very nearly 1 million vehicles within the after that couple of years – from 1.65 million last year to 744.000 in 2013 – destroying significantly more than 100, 000 tasks. As, as sanctions had been partially relaxed in 2013, the marketplace has actually recovered to a projected 1.2 million sales for 2015 in accordance with IHS Automotive.

Iranian automobile manufacturing (simply click to expand)

Iran’s populace stands at 78.5 million – just like chicken or Germany – and some indicators point to great pent-up need on the market. The median chronilogical age of vehicles on your way in Iran has ended 20 years, and 55% for the population is under 30, but the majority have actuallyn’t had the chance to drive however. With 200 vehicles per 1.000 inhabitants in 2011, Iran is, granted, well above China (113), at the same level as Thailand (206), but below other countries in the region such as Turkey (233), Saudi Arabia (336), Israel (358) or Lebanon (434). The possibility is there, not just for car revival however for new vehicles on your way besides. The termination of the sanctions will dsicover the marketplace shoot up to 1.6 million sales in 2016, and we also at BSCB see Iran evolve at 2 million yearly registrations prior to the end associated with ten years, roughly equivalent in size to market like France.Tehran Iran. Picture courtesy Speaking of which, for as soon as French producers are the most useful placed to enjoy the main benefit of a revival for the Iranian vehicle marketplace. Exactly what are the causes in place and who is likely to win the race to Iranian share of the market?

The Peugeot 405/Pars is currently the brand’s best-seller in Iran.


Within hours of the statement of the nuclear bargain between Iran and Western powers, PSA Peugeot-Citroen had outlined its policy for brand new Iranian production to reclaim and protect the best market place it presented before sanctions had been tightened four years ago – and held unofficially since. In 2012 whenever General Motors took a 7% stake in PSA, Peugeot ended up being forced to stop providing CKD kits (total knockdown) to Iranian factories for Peugeot 405, Pars, 206 and 207. Overall, European and U.S. carmakers needed to stop conducting business in Iran through that time as economic sanctions were extended towards the automobile industry. Nevertheless as we described in a recently available Iran research (see ), Peugeot’s original partner Iran Khodro were able to shift their spare parts offer to regional businesses and in effect sustained manufacturing and sale of Peugeot designs in Iran.

Iran Automobile Production. Picture courtesy WikipediaPeugeot is planning to start producing the 301 in Iran shortly.

In this manner, Peugeot’s share associated with the Iranian market features remained extremely powerful: slightly below 40percent which will be actually above its pre-2012 sanctions level. Peugeot insists the 350.000 cars manufactured in Iran in 2014 and sold primarily domestically are not booked within their accounts. Today, given the PSA-GM alliance was mixed and financial sanctions against Iran have been in the entire process of becoming removed, Peugeot it decided to resume (“official”) regional production of automobiles with Iran Khodro. After that the other day PSA declared its intention to invest in complete Iranian creation of new models using its newest architectures and engines, for domestic sales initially, then including exports towards almost area later. Peugeot’s objectives tend to be to use an unusual business model from ahead of the sanctions: the team today desires 50:50 joint endeavors and it is happy to invest in brand-new production facilities and give technology to lovers in return for a larger share of this upside, claims Automotive Information.

This implies PSA is hitting the ground operating in Iran, managing near to 1 / 2 of industry and benefitting from decades of existence in the nation, the undeniable expertise of this brand and sky-high consumer trust that other makers need trouble eroding – whether French foreign minister Laurent Fabius likes it or perhaps not (see further down the Renault area). Really the only lacking website link was the outdated technologies nonetheless available for sale in Iran up until now. With intends to create in your area the 208 and 301 – which seems to have already been engineered with Iran in your mind, it's the possibility to change fast. Relating to Automotive Information, within the long run Peugeot is also trying to change Iran into a production base, exporting vehicles to your remaining portion of the Middle East and Africa. Presently, Iran Khodro products Peugeot automobiles to Azerbaijan, Iraq, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Syria and Afghanistan, in accordance with a written report by Iranian news community Press television.

The Saipa Tiba is Iran’s brand-new best-seller.

Domestic manufacturers

Iranian carmakers Saipa and Iran Khodro are in a crossroads in 2015. The orifice of the domestic market towards competition they dread but that consumers being hurting for could either eliminate them or cause them to stronger. Their particular limited ranges derive from dated Peugeot platforms, and far of these success is going to be determined by how they have the ability to hold these existing connections with Peugeot, placing the French carmaker in a level stronger place that individuals argued above. With PSA-Peugeot Citroen involved with lasting backlinks with both Saipa and Iran Khodro, the latter two will have to work quite difficult to ensure at the least a partial transfer of technology to stay competitive.

Peugeot Pars Iran 2015 Saipa Tiba Iran June 2015. Photo courtesy Peugeot 301 Iran 2015. Picture courtesy of



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