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The C.R. Patterson & Sons business had been a carriage building company, together with first African American-owned vehicle manufacturer. The company was established by Charles Richard Patterson, who was created into . Their moms and dads were Nancy and Charles Patterson. Patterson escaped from slavery in 1861, heading west and settling in Greenfield, Ohio around 1862.

Sooner or later after his arrival in Ohio, Patterson went along to act as a blacksmith for carriage-building business, Dines and Simpson. In 1865 he married Josephine Utz, along with five kiddies from 1866 to 1879. In 1873, Patterson moved into partnership with J.P. Lowe, another Greenfield-based carriage manufacturer. On the after that twenty years, Patterson and Lowe created a highly successful carriage-building company.

In 1893 Patterson purchased aside J.P. Lowe’s share of business and reorganized it as C.R. Patterson & Sons Company. The company built 28 kinds of horse-drawn automobiles and employed approximately 10-15 individuals. Even though the company was able to correctly marketplace its equine-powered carriages and buggies, the dawn of the car ended up being rapidly approaching.

Charles Patterson passed away in 1910, making the effective carriage business to his boy Frederick who in turn initiated the transformation associated with the company from a carriage business into a car maker. 1st Patterson-Greenfield vehicle debuted in 1915 and was offered for $850. With a four-cylinder Continental engine, the car had been similar to the contemporary Ford Model T. The Patterson-Greenfield vehicle may, indeed, were much more advanced than Ford’s automobile, but C.R. Patterson & Sons never matched Ford’s manufacturing capability.

Quotes of Patterson-Greenfield vehicle manufacturing vary, however it is very nearly sure that no more than 150 automobiles had been built. The business quickly turned to production of truck, coach, and other utility car figures that have been installed atop chassis created by significant auto producers like Ford and General Motors. Its school coach systems in particular became popular as Midwestern school districts started initially to transform from horse-drawn to internal-combustion-fired transportation by 1920.

Around 1920, the business reorganized as Greenfield Bus system business but after 10 years of constant, if unspectacular development, the fantastic anxiety sent the business into a downward spiral. Frederick Patterson passed away in 1932, additionally the business started to disintegrate in late 1930s. Around 1938, the company relocated to Gallipolis, Ohio, altering its title once again to the Gallia system Company in an attempt to restart its previous success. The effort failed and also the business permanently sealed its doors in 1939. Like many other tiny automobile producers, the company had been not able to contend with Ford, General Motors, Chrysler, and other large car producers.

No Patterson-Greenfield cars are recognized to have survived for this, however C.R. Patterson & Sons carriages and buggies tend to be extant.



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