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Summit Rushing today carries Fat N' Furious: Rolling Thunder Parts Combos. They feature a number of the parts used on the automobiles seen on Season Three of Discovery Channel's Fat N' Furious: Rolling Thunder television show.

Fat N’ Furious: Rolling Thunder is on Discovery Channel’s “Motor Monday” program block. The program employs the larger-than-life exploits of Tommy Christmas, Chuck Kountz, Steve McGranathan, and Andy Pivarnik because they transform old vehicles into rolling masterpieces. Here you will find the Parts Combos showcased In the first two attacks:

The xmas Automotive guys took a roller Chevy C-10 and provided it a drag-ready makeover with a classic hauler vibe. Underneath the hood is a Chevrolet Performance ZZ502 huge block crate engine, backed by a TCI Sizzler TH-350 transmission. Other fun things includes a Spartan locker, Hooker Competition headers and Thrush twin fatigue, and Wheel Vintiques steelies on Hoosier Quick Time and Cooper tires.

After sitting idle for years, a 1968 Chevy Chevelle had been drawn from its slumber and because of the full restomod treatment, as something special from a mother to the woman child. The top block ended up being upgraded with Summit Racing ignition, gas, along with other parts. The motor is supported by a fresh TCI TH-350 transmission with a Summit Racing torque converter, and a Summit Racing Hilborn-style scoop juts out-of a genuine components Group SS bonnet.

In episode two, unwanted fat N’ Furious crew got their particular on the job a 1973 Plymouth Road Runner. Though it had been a 440 vehicle, that has beenn’t sufficient for owner, so a 426 Hemi crate engine took its spot. Add-ons consist of a Holley 750 cfm two fold pumper carburetor, a Classic Efficiency front disc brake system, and Anchor Industries motor mounts.

New episodes of Fat ’N Furious: Rolling Thunder will air each Monday upon Discovery Channel at 10 pm EST through Summer 20. Summit Racing will upload Parts Combos for every single episode after it airs.

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