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The commercial when it comes to Ford Falcon in 1971.

THE impending closing of Ford, Holden and Toyota as Australian automobile producers spells the end of an abundant automotive record.

And there’s much more to the story than Falcons, Commodores and Camrys.

A vast few vehicle models, from makers across the world, had been assembled within Australian Continent, and many built unique automobiles specifically for Australia.

Some work many, instead notoriously, didn’t.

Australian continent has built a track record of inventiveness and designing and engineering cars than are tough adequate to cope generally in most circumstances.

All three staying producers will maintain design and engineering hubs in Australian Continent once their particular industrial facilities power down, with Ford to use significantly more than 1000 people to assist design vehicles for the globe once its Geelong and Broadmeadows plants closed.

Australia is the perfect evaluation floor for the world.

Our government is steady, and our continent will offer sets from alpine snow to baking deserts and tropical temperature and rain, with roadways from the smoothest freeways towards dustiest outback paths to test the mettle of new models before they’re sold to the public.

Our car men and women learn how to build cars that may endure exactly what is thrown at them, because they’ve had to do so for many years.

Here, we take a good look at some of the marques which have known as Australia home.


Holden began as a saddlery maker, J.A Holden & Co., in 1852.

It expanded into coach-building and also by the 1910s, was making vehicle figures for a range of automobiles.

It moved into full-scale regional manufacturing with its first completely native car, the 48-215, in 1948.

On a wave of post-war success and nationwide pleasure in what people regarded as being Australia’s own automobile, Holden went on to dominate the Aussie automobile marketplace for decades.

What exactly are Australia’s most useful and worst vehicles? Tell us inside reviews below.

Quickly, the range expanded to incorporate such family names as Kingswood, Torana and Gemini and, by the end associated with the ‘70s, the down-sized Commodore.

The Commodore became a bigger automobile aided by the VN design in 1988, and was several one vendor in Australia for the majority of of history 20 years.


Ford’s history as an Aussie car-maker extends back to 1925, when it began assembling Model T Fords from a transformed woolshed in Geelong.

Engineer Lewis Bandt offered the world the coupe utility (that’s a ute to you and myself) as he grafted a vehicle tray to your front half of a 1934 Ford Coupe.

The body design, encouraged by a Western District farmer’s wife just who published to Ford requesting a car or truck that could take the lady to church in convenience on Sunday and make the pigs to advertise on Monday, was the start of a trend that includes produced millions of vehicles throughout the world like the F-150 pick-up, for decades among top-selling automobiles in the us.

Ford’s first indigenous automobile, the Falcon, rolled regarding the production line at its Broadmeadows plant on Summer 28, 1960, also it became among the world’s earliest automobile nameplates in continuous manufacturing – above 56 years old by the time the plant closes in October this year.

Overseas Ford models were in addition made here like the Cortina and Escort although the Ford Laser (from 1981) and Telstar (from 1983), built in Australian Continent but based on the Mazda 323 and 626 respectively, had been runaway successes within their classes.

These days, Ford tends to make in the Falcon sedan and ute plus the Territory wagon.


Toyota’s first foray into Australia had been with regards to contracted another organization, Australian Motor Industries, to put together its Tiara little automobile in a Port Melbourne factory in 1963.

It absolutely was initially Toyota had assembled any car outside Japan, making losing neighborhood manufacturing in Australia particularly painful for the organization.

By 1972, japan giant purchased away British Leyland’s stake in AMI, plus in 1978 it established a moment manufacturing plant in Altona, where it continues to be today.

In 1985, the business ended up being re-named AMI Toyota, after that Toyota engine Corporation Australian Continent

in 1987 with regards to purchased aside staying AMI investors.

The Port Melbourne plant closed in 1994.

Toyota built a track record of durability with locally built versions of models like the Corolla and Corona and, looking for a share regarding the bigger automobile market, introduced the Camry in 1987, the six-cylinder Avalon in 2000 as well as its replacement, the Aurion, in 2006.



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Australian Motor Industry
Australian Motor Industry

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