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Australian Vehicle Repairers Association (AARA)

AARA, the most recent associated with Industry Sector Committees, is a forum for consideration of issues influencing basic automotive repairers. Of specific interest to AARA may be the debates surrounding the sharing of technical information in the Australian automotive business. The matter of abilities, instruction and development is of specific issue to AARA, as much of the skilled repairers and specialists, in addition to its apprentices, are now being lured into various other business areas that want similar ability sets to your automotive sector. AARA is committed to helping MTAA in establishing industry specific plan reactions and methods because they occur.

Australian Motor Bodies Repair Association (AMBRA)

Automotive human body repairers tend to be mainly influenced by ‘outside’ organizations with their work flow, earnings and viability. Almost all work completed by an automotive human anatomy repairer is the topic of a claim made against a motor vehicle insurance. During these circumstances, the connection amongst the repairer and the insurer, while inevitably skewed in preference of the insurer, is a vital section of the repairer’s company. To handle this instability, MTAA, co-administers the car Insurers and Repairer Code of Conduct, which proscribes a transparent and cooperative relationship between insurers and repairers.

MTAA and its particular members work from the replacement of 'Funny Time, Funny Money' payment system with a 'Real Time, a real income' system that allows specific businesses setting up their very own cost out prices and planning quotes predicated on those prices in addition to actual times they require in their own personal businesses to perform an automobile fix.

Posting of technical information between vehicle makers and body repairers normally a problem under consideration by AMBRA, as detailed technical familiarity with proper restoration practices can be needed from vehicle manufacturers in order to make sure a repairer has the capacity to not just restore the vehicle to its pre-accident problem, but also so the automobile will continue to meet regulating requirements such as those described into the Australian Design procedures. Presently, this information can be acquired to separate human anatomy repairers at a significant delay or at significant expense; AMBRA is seeking prepared use of this information on behalf of repairers to affect repairs towards the criteria required of those and at a reasonable expense.

Australian Motorcycle Dealers Association (AMDA)

amda-logoThe Australian motorcycle retail sector is an important element of the nation’s largest business sector, the Australian Automotive Industry.

The passions of motorcycle retailers and repairers tend to be represented in MTAA, through the Australian Motorcycle Dealers Association (AMDA). Policy problems considered by AMDA include the customer protection, franchising and competition matters.

The Australian Motorcycle Dealers Association (AMDA), its engine Trades Association and vehicle Chamber of Commerce affiliated State and Territory Motorcycle Divisions and National Dealer Councils, is a business sector relationship regarding the engine Trades Association of Australia.

Automotive Parts Recyclers of Australian Continent (APRAA)

APRAA, through MTAA, seeks to work cooperatively with federal government companies accountable for building and using policies with a view to encouraging higher recycling of appropriate services and products. Its able for this as the own APRAA Accreditation Program features, since 1997, offered Australian automotive recyclers with a universally recognised certification program providing you with car parts recyclers with requirements of business presentation, environmental criteria, occupational safe practices, customer service and parts traceability. The Accreditation plan is in the means of becoming revised and revamped to reflect the needs of automobile components recyclers. The program should be relaunched in 2012. For more information on APRAA's activities just click here.

Australian Service Station and Efficiency Shop Association (ASSCA)

The problem of competition inside the retail gasoline industry is of vital value to separate merchants and consumers alike. ASSCA/MTAA strongly considers that in order for customers to benefit from a competitive fuel selling sector, then government must deal with the decline of separate fuel retailers inside the marketplace and also the marketplace behaviours having precipitated that exodus. ASSCA, through MTAA will continue to lobby government in the need for input in the industry to address the dominance for the grocery store leaders, the need for higher transparency in the downstream petroleum sector together with training of dishonest and illegal behaviours like predatory rates, creeping acquisitions and abuse of marketplace energy.

Australian Tyre Dealers and Retreaders Association (ATDRA)

The issue regarding the volume and disposal of waste tyres in the Australian market is a long term task for ATDRA/MTAA. The Federation is devoted to the decrease in waste tyres through the marketing of retreading and proper tyre upkeep and goes on its long term conversations aided by the division of Environment and history about the development of an item stewardship program for end-of-life tyres.

Farm and Industrial Machinery Dealers Association of Australian Continent (FIMDAA)

Years of serious drought accompanied by above average rainfalls in lots of components of Australian Continent has already established an extreme impact upon the farm machinery industry, with several farm equipment dealers experiencing an amazing downturn in sales and reduced business cashflow. The difficult trading environment related to drought conditions placed significant pressure on the capability of farm machinery dealerships to retain apprentices and qualified staff and also to use brand-new apprentices, with several dealerships forced to retrench staff or switch some staff members to part-time work through the drought. As a result of the drought, numerous skilled employees have remaining regional and rural communities or transferred their ability units to other areas associated with the economic climate. FIMDAA, through MTAA, is currently working on policy answers towards problems of abilities shortages and retention dealing with farm machinery dealers.



Is it dangerous to do your own car repair? - Quora

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, auto mechanics have an annual fatal accident rate of 4.3 per 100,000,  about equal to that of plumbers. Chart here: 


Australian Motor Industry
Australian Motor Industry

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