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Induction Motor applications in Industries

Programs of Industrial Drive > TRAVELLING CRANES:

Both AC and DC drives can be used for the different businesses in a crane. The most well-liked drives on consideration of economy end energy are indicated below:

Operation Types of drive
(i) Hoisting and reducing

AC slip ring motor. Ward Leonard . managed DC shunt engine and DC compound motor.

(ii) Crane travel AC slip ring engine.
(iii) Trolley vacation
(iv) Slew and swing action AC slip ring engine or DC shunt engine.
(v) Boom hoist

DC motors are used for load hoisting and bringing down where smooth, accurate and at the same time quickly rate control is required such as the way it is of cranes utilized in metal plants, energy homes and concrete dams.

Programs of Industrial Drives > ROLLING MILL DRIVES:

The next kinds of drives are used for rolling mills:

(i) DC motors,

(ii) AC slip-ring motors with rate control.

Schematic drawing of reversing cool rolling-mill using a PLC for its inter-locking and sequencing operation

The DC engines, due to the fact, of their built-in traits, would be best suited to the rolling mills. Rate control is effected either through Ward Leonard system or by grid controlled mercury arc rectifiers. AC slip-ring motors are ideal for roughing and re-rolling mills in which really exact speed control isn't needed Their particular performance is low due to the energy squandered into the rotor weight. Addititionally there is abrupt boost in motor speed whenever material actually leaves the moving really stands.

Applications of Industrial Drive > KILN DRIVES:

Require a starting torque of approximately 250percent besides the speed control feature. The commonly used drives are:

(i) Slip ring induction motor

(ii) Three phase shunt-wound commutator motor

(iii) Cascade controlled AC engine

(iv) Ward Leonard managed DC motor

(v) DC motor with transformer action switch control.

Applications of Industrial Drive > TEXTILE INDUSTRY:

The textile industry needs special types of drives for

(i) weaving, and

(ii) spinning.

(i) programs of Industrial Drive > Weaving:

The engines found in weaving mills need good air conditioning capacity to hold their particular temperatures within restrictions within the presence of huge power losses. The rating of engines and air conditioning facility must certanly be precisely chosen, since these motors are used in problems where high moisture content occurs with lot cage induction motors with a high rotor resistance, completely enclosed, lover cooled and having high temperature insulation are accustomed to drive looms. For light materials like cotton fiber, silk, plastic etc. tiny engines of significantly less than 1 hp might enough. For heavy materials such wool, the score among these motors are 2-3 hps. All motors are usually run at 750-1000 rpm.



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