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Industrial Motor repair

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New Products

We offer many services from Industrial Drives to brand new motors and associated gear. We not only have the item, we possess the knowledge about their application to offer the help you ought to size replacements or assist to retrofit a newer technology to your original application.

Mechanical Fixes

We've maintained Industrial Motors for three-quarters of a century. Our technical staff was utilizing the company typically 20 years. This equals experience and understand how that may be brought to keep in your stead.Industrial Machining This knowledge and knowledge makes us really capable to handle any sort of mechanical repairs to gear connected with Electrical Motors.


Our winding division professionals tend to be experts in all sizes and kinds of windings including:

  • AC Stators
  • DC Armatures & Fields
  • DC & AC Coils
  • Transformers


You can expect in-plant troubleshooting which includes technical, electric, and digital repair works.


We have in-house Machine Shop capabilities to fabricate shafts, repair current shafts, and repair housings. We do machine work and balancing on our fixes, permitting us to steadfastly keep up control on high quality and turnaround times.



Industrial Motor Power
Industrial Motor Power
Industrial Motoring
Industrial Motoring

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