Industrial Motor Controls

Industrial Motor Controls

WEG Electric Miniature Contactors (3-Pole & 4-Pole) More Horsepower in a Smaller (45mm) Frame!
CWC series mini contactors are an entire option for managing motors and changing other lots. The CWC's small proportions for the IEC existing rating, to 22A, AC-3 usage category, allows it to occupy less area inside electric enclosures while however supplying around a powerful 15hp @460V. WEG RW series overload relays are available in compact frame sizes from 0.28A to 32A and are designed for use with, and as perfect complement to, the CWC miniature contactors.
  • 7, 9, 12, 16, 22 Amp 3-pole models
  • 7, 9, 16 Amp 4-pole designs
  • Matching direct mount overburden relays
  • Offered auxiliary contact blocks, surge suppressors, Star-Delta electric time relays, wiring kits, and mechanical interlock and latch obstructs
  • CWC sets 3-pole contactors begin at $11.00
  • CWC series 4-pole contactors begin at $13.00
Bryant has actually created a tight motor controller that may additionally meet with the thorough needs of an engine disconnect. Bryant's motor controllers are detailed as "appropriate as engine Disconnect" under UL Standard 508 - Industrial Control gear - qualifying all of them to do both operations in one single compact package. Through the use of Bryant's small engine controllers and motor disconnects, you benefit through the convenience of one product satisfying two requirements. AutomationDirect provides three variations of manual engine controllers (MMCs) and professional motor disconnects:
  • Toggle Change AC Engine Controllers
  • Enclosed Toggle Change AC Motor Controllers
  • Enclosed NEMA 4X Rotary Change AC Motor Controllers
  • Handbook motor controllers/motor disconnects start at .50
Bryant handbook Motor Controllers/ engine Disconnects Relays for electric engine control:
  • Alternating relays can be used for motor load control in unique programs where in actuality the optimization of load consumption is needed by equalizing the run period of two lots. The alternating activity is set up by a control switch, particularly a float switch, manual switch, timing wait, stress switch, or any other remote contact. Every time the initiating switch is established, the result relay contacts can change condition, hence alternating the 2 lots.
  • ProSense engine control relays begin at $23.00
AutomationDirect features cooperated with Fuji Electrical available a complete line of IEC electric engine settings.
  • The DUO Series (SC-E contactors and TK-E overloads) is completely integrated therefore several motor-speed controller solutions are possible with the very least range components. The traditional motor starters into the DUO range can accommodate electric engines as much as 100 horsepower at 480 VAC. The larger motor contactors feature the SUPERMAGNETâ„¢ coil for better dependability and positive pick-up and drop-out. Now available ... 440-480 VAC and 500-550 VAC coil voltages.
  • The Odyssey Series of contactors and overload relays additionally features the SUPERMAGNET coil and are presented in sizes up to 361 A, AC-3 operation (300 horsepower at 480 VAC). Odyssey Series contactors can be found in four sizes with overload relays to suit any motor to 300 horse power. Available nowadays ... 380-450 VAC and 460-575 VAC coil voltages.
  • The DUO and Odyssey outlines can be purchased in 24 VAC, 24 VDC, 120 VAC, 240 VAC, 380-575 VAC.motor control: phase monitor relays The motor contactors tend to be rated up to 690 VAC, 3-phase.
  • Fuji contactors start at $15.00
The Fuji Electrical Duo Series Manual Motor Starter is a safety product for electric engine use that delivers optimal defense by integrating the features of a molded instance circuit breaker and thermal overload relay into a compact device. Since Fuji's MMS is UL detailed for Category E self-protected engine control, you can use it for motor part circuit security without the necessity for additional protection particularly fuses or shaped situation circuit breakers.
  • The guide engine Starter (MMS) will come in a 32A version with a 45mm frame width, and a 63A variation with a 55 mm frame circumference.
  • Both MMS variations have actually high breaking capabilities, around 100, 000A in a few ranges. Many accessories can be acquired, including shunt trips and undervoltage releases.
  • Fuji handbook engine starters are priced from $49.50
Eaton Corporation's Freedom number of IEC contactors function a concise space saving design. Elements that meet IEC 60947 tend to be more reliable, of higher quality, and generally are better coordinated to their intended application.
  • The Eaton Corp. CE15 Freedom Series IEC contactors offer huge contactor score in a concise framework. The 45 mm framework contactors can handle as much as 20 hp at 460V. They have been easily DIN-rail mountable in either the vertical or horizontal upright position.
  • The Eaton Corp. AE16 Series IEC starters tend to be full voltage magnetic starters employed for starting polyphase induction motors. These motor beginners also provide security on motor against operating or stalled overcurrents. The 45mm frame starters are designed for up to 20 hp at 460V. They truly are effortlessly DIN-rail mountable either in the straight or horizontal upright place. Engine beginners are made up of a contactor, overload relay and heater packages. The overload relays have actually FLA adjustable dials.
  • Eaton Corp./Cutler-Hammer contactors start at $176.50
The GH15 number of IEC contactors and bimetallic overload relays tend to be made by Europe's leading maritime contactor business. Motor contactors for ocean-going vessels...
Eaton Cutler-Hammer electric motor settings GH Series Contactors / Motor Starters / Overload Relays



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