Jobs in the Motor Industry

Jobs in the Motor Industry

TrueDuring a recent virest to an automobile assembly plant in Wayne, Mich., President Barack Obama took a bit of a victory lap when he discussed the comeback of the American automobile industry.

"Over the past 5 years, this industry developed about 500, 000 new tasks, " Obama said. "a year ago, United states autoworkers churned away automobiles faster than any year since 2005. Ford has taken jobs straight back from Mexico, produced almost 24, 000 new jobs across this nation, including 1, 800 brand new jobs right here within plant. And after over a hundred years since Henry Ford introduced the moving assembly line, you’re reinventing it - one production line for fuel, electric, hybrid, plug-in cars. That’s the very first on earth, here in Wayne, Mich."

That’s plenty of data to chew more than, but we decided to evaluate Obama’s very first claim - that "over the last 5 years, (the car) industry produced about 500, 000 brand new jobs.

We looked at this concern back 2012, whenever United car Workers president Bob King stated within Democratic nationwide Convention that since June 2009, the car business "has added a quarter of a million tasks." We rated that claim True.

So has the boost in auto-related tasks really doubled since two and a half years ago? Really, it has.

To ascertain work creation in car industry, we have to combine the numbers for 2 separate kinds of jobs. You're "motor cars and components production, " in addition to various other is "motor car and parts dealers."

Between December 2009 and December 2014, how many tasks into the manufacturing group rose by 230, 700 (from 653, 300 to 884, 000). On the exact same period, the amount of tasks when you look at the dealership category rose by 272, 200 (from 1, 616, 800 to 1, 889, 000).

Once you put those two categories together, the full total boost in tasks within the last 5 years is 502, 900 - practically what Obama said.

It’s well worth noting this return has actuallyn’t brought automotive-industry work back into its pre-recession amounts. The current pre-recession top of these two work categories - in February 2005 - was 3.03 million. So regardless of the gains over the past five years, work within the automotive industry remains down 9 percent from where it had been about ten years ago.

We’ll also keep in mind that PolitiFact’s policy should start thinking about not just whether a statement is statistically accurate, and whether the politician or celebration involved is apparently saying credit or assigning fault, if so, whether that credit or blame is deserved.

In this case, it's not clear whether Obama is using credit the automotive-industry work development, but even in the event he's, experts have actually told us that Obama’s leadership was important, along side assistance from some Republicans, in helping get the industry straight back on its feet. Therefore we won’t be downgrading the precision of the comment on that foundation.

Our ruling

Obama said that over the past 5 years, the American car industry has actually "created about 500, 000 brand new tasks."

Throughout the period at issue, the particular range work gains in the vehicle business is strikingly near to exactly what Obama stated - 502, 900 - and now we don’t discover any significant omissions inside the claim. Therefore we level it real.

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