Trends in the Automotive

Trends in the automotive industry

Paul Mascarenas OBE
FISITA President

Early in the day this thirty days, that “the industry we work in is transitioning fast, going even more from the old-fashioned, burning propelled motor vehicles that people all grew up with, to an industry that be much more familiar, but will permanently simply take us out of our comfort zone: the flexibility sector”.

It’s been simply over 100 years, considering that the pioneers of your industry had been initially “Opening the Highways to any or all Mankind” plus the times whenever Henry Ford famously when said “you have any color you prefer providing it is black”. Today we not merely possess selection of color(!) but we in addition look for technologies within our automobiles that need today’s automotive designers become at forefront of technical, electrical/electronics, computer software and settings engineering disciplines. The automotive industry in fact is a tremendously fun and exciting place to work and the development that has been made over the past few many years is remarkable - with substantial improvements in performance, economy, emissions, quality, safety (passive and energetic), quality and features and technology, all while car rates features held at affordable amounts and attainable of millions of consumers across the world. Although this progress is commendable, it would likely simply be the start of what’s in front of united states.

Notwithstanding the current dip in oil prices, the trend towards more and more gasoline efficient cars continues, with electrification getting more common, whether in hybrid or pure electric form and now we are witnessing higher amount, even more affordably priced vehicles inside group. Maybe though, greater challenge is mobility beyond the personally had automobile once we understand it today. Driven by trends like urbanization, obstruction, restricted parking plus the practicality of vehicle ownership in highly inhabited places, we have been approaching a pivotal part within the history of our business whilst the technology and company models transition into ‘ondemand’ design or so called . Whether or not it’s ride sharing, automobile sharing or multi-modal transport, the ecosystem is developing quickly and much from it is enabled through computer software and information analytics, presented into consumer on a mobile platform.

While there are lots of years of growth in the traditional automotive business, and lots of hundreds of thousands more vehicles becoming sold around the world, it is interesting to look at change to MAAS business designs establishing additionally the mixture of traditional and non-traditional players inside area.

This change will need various skills inside the automotive engineering community plus the wedding of all of the key events to ensure the appropriate conversation and personality of regulatory, privacy and obligation things.

The absolute most usually asked concerns expected include “how very long will this all simply take?”, “when will we come across totally autonomous robo-taxis on our roadways” and “won’t this use the fun regarding operating?”. All great questions, but no simple answers. I was thinking this could be a good catalyst to start out a discussion among members alongside interested parties and appear forward to reading your responses and reading your views.



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