Is a sustainable car industry

What is the automotive industry?

We parked a couple of SUVs — a Porsche Macan and a Volvo XC90 — atop the Ocean Diva, a streamlined vessel docked at the Amsterdam traveler Terminal, where we’re web hosting our inaugural GPU tech Conference Europe recently.

After that we invited aboard speakers throughout the automobile business to tell the storyline of exactly how AI automobiles will contour the ongoing future of transportation.

  • We unveiled Xavier, our next-generation system-on-a-chip for powering self-driving cars
  • Announced that we’re partnering with global navigation powerhouse TomTom. Our collaboration will include porting and operating TomTom’s RoadDNA localization and mapping software on-drive PX 2 in addition to integrating TomTom’s HD chart assistance into our DriveWorks computer software, and

Meanwhile, two SUVs aboard the Ocean Diva presented the depth of your automotive tale. A white Porsche Macan illustrated just how our Quadro professional GPUs — standard for the auto industry — are utilized by Porsche to develop its vehicles and SUVs. And offering as an example of exactly how we’re assisting carmakers bring self-driving automobiles to community roads, a gleaming Volvo XC90 SUV — running on our DRIVE PX 2 independent operating platform — had been parked alongside it.

Like a large blue watery roadway:

We packed the seminar with examples like this of just how GPUs therefore the car industry intersect.

  • Outside the event, attendees piled into WEpods, the world’s first autonomous shuttle on community roads, run on our DRIVE PX automotive computing system. They wove their particular way down a bustling city road full of pedestrians, bicyclists, automobiles and distribution vans.
  • Close by, a huge vehicle parked at the seminar demonstrated our collaboration with DAF, a Dutch vehicle producer, in addition to University of Aachen’s FKA automotive development institute to simply help create autonomous cargo cars.

On the list of highlights:

  • Florian Netter and Felix Friedman from Audi mentioned the part deep understanding will play in the future cars.
  • Remi Bastien, Renault’s vice president of independent driving, mentioned their business’s attempts to create autonomous driving to its millions of customers.
  • TomTom’s Krzysztof Kudrynski spoke about how AI is assisting meet with the challenge of creating high-definition maps which will guide an innovative new generation of independent automobiles.
  • Erik Coelingh, a senior technical frontrunner at Volvo, explained how the safety-conscious automaker is taking self-driving vehicles to community roads in Sweden.
  • Roborace chief marketer Justin Cooke talked about exactly how his team is attempting to place autonomous cars run on DRIVE PX 2 on racetrack, producing a fantastic new sport that promises to advance their state of art in independent driving computer software.



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