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Women in the automotive industry

Patrice Banks reveals ladies the way the atmosphere filters work at a recent workshop in Philadelphia. (picture by Andrew Renneisen for Washington Post)

After 12 years being employed as a professional for a Fortune 500 company, we stop my administration work to become an automobile mechanic. I traded high heel shoes and an air-conditioned office for shoes, Dickies and grime-covered arms. The reason why ended up being simple: I was tired of feeling like an auto airhead and having scammed because of the male-dominated car-care industry.

Like many women, I believed dread everytime my car’s odometer crept toward next 3, 000-mile period. An oil change never ever implied simply an oil modification. It suggested becoming haggled into buying a new air filter and a tire rotation. It designed being informed We required brand-new braking system pads and spark plugs — things I’d never been aware of at prices that were unheard of. I’d enter an instant Lube expecting to spend $19.95 and emerge $300 poorer.

For a long period, we gave into my helplessness. When my vehicle needed a jump-start, counting on my man friends seemed like my sole option. Certainly one of my worst moments emerged when the dashboard light began blinking back at my two-year-old SUV. The dealer said it had a transmission problem that will cost $1, 800 to repair. The shop presented my vehicle for a fortnight, as soon as At long last started using it right back, it had a totally new issue: it might shake when I place it in reverse. Furthermore, the transmission issue returned eight months later on. For months, we returned and forth aided by the dealership, which desired another $1, 800 to repair it. From that minute on, whenever my automobile needed major repair works or upkeep, I’d simply eliminate it and get a new one.

Most motorists have auto-repair scary stories, but women are specially susceptible. In a 2013 survey of automobile proprietors and leasers by customer resource website RepairPal, 77 per cent of participants said mechanics will sell females unneeded repairs, and 66 per cent believed that mechanics charge women significantly more than men for similar services. That gender prejudice isn’t just a figment of clients’ imaginations. A recently available research by Northwestern University unearthed that auto-repair stores give ladies substantially higher price estimates than men if the customers are uninformed about marketplace costs.

This can be an issue when it comes to car business plus one this has done almost no to fix. Women are a’s top customers, holding most driver’s licenses in the us and investing additional time on the road than men. They spend above $200 billion yearly buying brand new cars and servicing their particular automobiles. Yet females hate visiting the auto-repair shop even more than they hate going to the dental practitioner, relating to an AutoMD customer review.

Although the automobile business gets most of its income from ladies, it is often stubbornly uninterested in employing all of them. Tired of feeling ignorant and scammed at restoration shops, I made the decision to locate women auto mechanic, but my search emerged vacant. We shortly learned that less than 2 per cent of car mechanics are ladies. Dealerships are not any much better: simply 13 per cent of car salespeople tend to be ladies. It’s easy for united states to feel misunderstood and mistreated by the car company when we don’t see ourselves shown inside.

I saw a major income opportunity in the car industry’s gender space. Getting a mechanic wouldn’t only conserve me personally countless dollars on unnecessary and inadequate repairs, moreover it would allow me to save various other women from the exact same fate. At 31 years of age, I began taking night classes at a residential district university and worked weekends at a repair look for no-cost. After 2 yrs, I attained a diploma in automotive technology and ended my manufacturing profession to introduce Girls car Clinic in Philadelphia.

When it comes to past couple of years, I’ve been keeping free workshops in parking lots, garages and auto-repair shops to coach women towards tips of car care so they’re prepared to inquire of questions and negotiate rates with mechanics and salesmen. Organizations and women’s groups, including woman Scout soldiers and automobile dealerships, have employed us to keep in touch with their workers and people. We suggest to them exactly what the many parts of automobiles do, whenever those components should be serviced, what fluids need to be altered along with other facets of what’s under a vehicle’s hood. I even accompany females to dealerships and fix shops to haggle because of the guys trying to sell them vehicles and components. It’s amazing how frequently salesmen don’t know the answers to my questions regarding a used car’s maintenance and just how quickly they’ll knock $500 off the price when you let them know you know the automobile is due for major upkeep. Whenever a lady can negotiate, it’s empowering.



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