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Motor Industry Ombudsman South Africa


With around 500 new cases to examine every month, the engine business Ombudsman of South Africa has its own work cut right out. But so how exactly does it work, and who is the man behind it?

January 17 2015 had been a huge day for engine business Ombudsman of South Africa (MIOSA). That is the day it absolutely was approved as a dispute quality company and became a custodian of this SA Automotive Code of Conduct (ACT) which will be an element of the customer Protection Act.

Simply speaking, if a customer feels done down by an engine maker, or a dealership which offered all of them a car or serviced it, MIOSA could be the government sanctioned human anatomy they complain to. And presently you will wait 6 to 8 weeks for office which will make a finding.

Just last year 60per cent of situations moved how associated with industry, and 40% in favour of the consumer. And because MIOSA is funded not by government, but by the engine industry, undoubtedly some vehicle proprietors regarding wrong part of the 40percent have actually accused MIOSA of being "in the pocket of this motor industry".

And so I'll start up my Q&A with Motor business Ombud Johan van Vreden truth be told there.

Q: What do you say to the regular allegation that the workplace "is inside pocket of this motor business"?

JvV: The MIOSA is certainly not a consumer council that immediately sides using consumer. Basically it represents both industry as well as the customer. It acts as a referee involving the industry as well as the customer and among business members. It utilises good manufacturing rehearse, great customer care rehearse, great appropriate practice, and fairness as a basis with its deliberations.

Add to this the fact the MIOSA is a federal government accredited organization, (so) we have been safeguarded for legal reasons to enable united states to undertake our function without worry or favour.

Q: What makes the manufacturers/dealers not named in the event studies published within yearly reports?

JvV: Unless something provider is non-compliant using Consumer Protection Act No 68 of 2008 (Act) or perhaps the South African Automotive Industry Code of Conduct, we'll not identify any manufacturers/dealers/service providers within our case studies.

Q: just what portion of "operators" - importers, distributors, producers, stores, franchisors, franchisees; companies etc - are now opted with MIOSA?

JvV: The MIOSA has 22 000 registered businesses of which 6 000 have actually accepted the Code as well as the MIOSA's appropriate standing. As you will understand, complete compliance wont take place instantaneously. However, we now have inspectors on the go and are usually advertising and going to roadway shows to speed-up the process. The MIOSA is currently underway with appropriate procedures resistant to the various other 16 000 businesses and also will be carrying out a "name and pity" campaign.

Q: Your recently released 2015 annual report reveals that engine-related issues on utilized automobiles use up most of your issues dealing with team's time. In my opinion, numerous used car dealerships conduct business like the CPA cannot occur. Do you really concur?

JvV: No, we do not agree. The MIOSA features unearthed that at the very least 90percent of companies tend to be sticking with the ACT. You can find however a few possibility takers.



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Ombudsman Motor Industry
Ombudsman Motor Industry

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