The automotive market in Egypt

Automotive industry in Egypt

The automotive marketplace in Egypt (1)The automotive company in just about any country the most crucial machines of their economy. In Egypt it adds a substantial proportion of GDP. The automobile industry in fact started in Egypt during the early sixties with all the El-Nasr Automotive Company, one of the leading organizations available and similar with many automobile industrial facilities around the globe, including the asia and its own Asian Tigers.

A had been prospering in the early 1980s with all the Egyptian GM flowers and Suzuki Egypt. After that, automotive flowers continued to proliferate to over 15 construction plants for cars, buses and trucks. This lured assets having today surpassed US$ 5 billion. To guide the massive automobile component sector you can find over 250 production facilities who supply many of the components needed in automotive industry for vehicles of kinds, presently supplying 70% of all elements.

This integrated business features right developed significantly more than 350, 000 tasks for plant employees, designers as well as other staff members; add to your employees from services indirectly connected with this industry and therefore complete increases by some 250, 000. The initial large assets now produce higher earnings compared to various other sectors of Egyptian business.

Just the Suez Canal earns much more

In terms of production, Egypt has ranked at the top of the menu of countries for automobile makers and for car supplier businesses in the centre East and North Africa. With regards to revenue its 2nd only to the earnings produced because of the Suez Canal, by making significantly more than US$ 3.5 billion dollars in 2014. There are impressive amounts of exports of elements for traveler and commercial automobile companies, particularly to African and Middle Eastern says, and some countries in Eastern European countries.

The automotive marketplace in Egypt (2)Steady market development

Production numbers have registered an obvious development within the last year (2014). The newest report from the Automotive Marketing information Council (AMIC) in Egypt documents sales figures near 300, 000 products, an increase of almost 50% over 2013. Locally put together vehicles, around 145, 000 products, account for 49per cent, a growth of 57percent over 2013. Units imported from abroad and never included in the AMIC product sales figures bring included fat into steady growth in the entire market dimensions.

Planning prosperity

Currently there's a plan to enhance regional manufacturing to a complete of 500, 000 units (all car kinds) by 2020, to suit an identical total of brought in automobiles, reaching a combined total of 1 million units. This forecast is dependent on attaining some goals, including:

  • Automobile import task rates will drop to zero according to the contract aided by the eu. This will be reached through a series of annual reductions of 10per cent as much as 2019.
  • a provision of LE 10, 000 of government help for every locally produced automobile.

Officials recognize the significance of these targets by taking several protective measures, and acknowledging the necessity of making Egypt an appealing place for automakers to increase and expand their particular plants to cover the needs of areas from the African continent and in the Middle East. In Egypt, makers should be able to expand manufacturing by taking advantageous asset of low labour prices therefore the decline associated with the Egyptian Pound against foreign currencies.



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