Automotive industry in Mexico


Mexico's automotive business is mature, dynamic as well as in continuous development. In 2014, Mexico’s Automotive industry showed clear signs and symptoms of recovery; light car manufacturing reached a fresh historical record with 3 million vehicles1.

At a global level, Mexico rated as seventh producer of light vehicles1. In two many years, Mexico climbed two roles, surpassing French and Spanish production.

Currently, the automotive sector accounts for 6percent for the national GDP and 18per cent of manufacturing production. The Mexican automotive business is expected to continue increasing in the foreseeable future. The forecasts suggest production will attain 4 million products by 2018 and 5 million by 2020 1.

Businesses in the light vehicle industry have a total of 18 manufacturing complexes positioned in 11 states of Mexico, where they perform activities that range from system and armoring, to casting and stamping of automobiles and machines. At this time, more than 48 car and light truck models are manufactured in Mexico.

Regarding hefty cars, the OEMs have reached an important amount of development in the nation, carrying out tasks which range from system, stamping and bodywork, producing a wide range of designs to satisfy the demand associated with the domestic and export areas. Presently, 11 commercial automobile manufacturers and two motor manufacturers because of this form of car have manufacturing services in Mexico.

Light vehicle Last year, Mexico reached creation of 136, 678 hefty vehicles, ranking as sixth producer globally behind Asia, Japan, India, the usa and Brazil. The heavy car production in Mexico is expected to attain 196.8 thousand automobiles by 2016.


Mexico may be the world’s 8th automobile, truck, component and component producer. It’s main export marketplace is however america, even though in recent years, a number of markets, such as numerous Latin-American countries, have increased their particular share in Mexican exports.

In 2014, nine of each and every 100 automobiles had been exported to Latin America. The primary destinations for Mexican exports were Brazil, Argentina, Colombia and Chile.
Europe is another important location for Mexican exports: 4 each and every hundred light cars shipped in 2014 had been sent to the European Union1.

Regarding heavy vehicles, this year Mexico ended up being the key supplier of commercial automobiles to your United States. Mexico had an 85per cent share of imports price towards US in the industry vehicle segment, exceeding Canada in that year.


BIn 2012, the Automotive and auto-part areas in Mexico taken into account 20.8% of total international direct investment (FDI) 3. This reiterates the country’s appeal as one of the sector’s investment destination. utilizing the leading investors becoming General Motors, Chrysler, Daimler, Ford, Volkswagen, , Nissan and Mazda3.


The automotive and autoparts sector in Mexico is driven because of the productive presence for the top (light and heavy) vehicle set up organizations on the planet, including General Motors, Ford, Chrysler, Volkswagen, Nissan, Honda, BMW, Toyota, Volvo and Mercedes-Benz.

A lot of the system organizations in Mexico have actually autoparts businesses located around their particular vehicle flowers to comply with supply and delivery deadlines.

Location of Light Car OEMs in Mexico3
Area of Heavy car OEMs in Mexico by regions3

The recognized top-notch Mexico’s automotive production has actually enabled a few OEMs to select Mexico as a unique manufacturing system for many their spots. This establishes the sufficient professional environment for deluxe vehicles production, cultivating Mexico as a unique system for OEMs.

Recently, the Mexican industry shows a shift in trends, going through the maquilas of cars towards the development of capacities for vital creation of vehicles for specific niches, eg Vehizero and Mastretta.

Asociación Mexicana de la Industria Automotríz (AMIA) (2014)



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