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Automotive industry in Thailand

In automation and robotics group, the BOI (Thailand Board of Investment) promotes projects buying automation machinery and/or automation gear with engineering design and assembling of robots or automation equipment and/or components.

In Thailand, which industries tend to be driving the need for development of robotics and automation?

Automotive and Electrical and Electronics tend to be significant industries that drive global automation and robotics growth. You can find increasing needs for commercial robots in order to maximize the production’s efficiencies, reduce costs, and solve the matter of labor shortages.

  • From 2010-2014, the automotive business features influenced the rise in commercial robots assets all over the world with the average product sales development (CAGR) of 27percent. Into the electrical and electronics industry, worldwide robot product sales increased by 34per cent in 2014 to 48, 400 products.
  • An increasing demand for commercial robots is an immense window of opportunity for Thailand. Into the automotive industry, Thailand ranked 1st for automobile manufacturing in ASEAN and rated 6th globally for commercial automobile production in 2015. Within the electric and electronics business, Thailand may be the 2nd biggest worldwide producer and exporter of information self storage like Hard Disk Drives (HDD).

The application of automation and robotics in Thailand’s food and food-processing industry has also been increasing. Within the agriculture industry, there have been advancements to make usage of robots into agriculture to be able to produce wise farming. In that way, it's going to reduce steadily the resources and waste created by farming.

The entire world is slowly entering a phase of aged population. In Thailand, the elderly (old 60 years or over) accounted for 13.2per cent associated with the population. This percentage is boost to 26.6per cent of the populace in 2030.

A variety of the data above and Thailand’s world-class medical services with more than 1, 000 public and 300 nursing homes drive the interest in service robots to improve to standard of living nationwide and globally.

Aside from Dinsow, Elderly Care Robot, manufactured by CT Asia, there are various other medical robotics particularly

  • Fhasai, robot-assisted therapy for children with autism spectrum disorders, developed by Mahidol University
  • Sensible Tab, supply rehabilitation robot, produced by TCELS and Tmgi
  • B-Hive, pharmacy automation system to refill drugs for a price of 20 seconds per prescription, manufactured by FIBO, Supreme Hitera, and TCELS
  • BumBee, health Dispenser Robot, developed by FIBO, Supreme Hitera, and TCELS

Based on the International Federation of Robotics (IFR), Thailand’s exports for industrial robots increase from 4, 200 devices in 2015 to 7, 500 products in 2018.

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