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Chinese automotive industry

Cover imageA four-quadrant matrix was developed to assess the effects of Chinese car business.

Indirect production and direct usage impacts are dominant.

The growth of this auto business should be well-controlled.

Electric energy automobiles can lessen the life-cycle effects in long-lasting.

Lightweight autos can lessen pollutants when using clean manufacturing procedures.

Chinese automotive industry, the largest in the world since 2009, is among the main motorists when it comes to development of the country's professional economy. The annual output worth of Chinese automotive industry taken into account >8.7per cent of Asia's Growth Domestic Product (GDP) during 2009. This massive growth of cars, but introduces environmental challenges. This research used a life period approach to measure the direct and indirect environmental impacts at the production and usage stages associated with industry. A four-quadrant matrix was created to provide key findings of general environmental effects associated with the business, in accordance with its constituent processes, in these two phases. The outcome suggest that the indirect effects in the manufacturing phase and direct impacts at consumption phase take over the full total ecological effects. The fast development of the automotive industry has ultimately stimulated the introduction of the steel, synthetic, rubberized alongside raw product sectors, which more boosts the strain on the environment. With regards to the potential options within the next five years, a scenario analysis suggested that a controlled development of the automotive industry is extremely desirable to mitigate the increased ecological pressures. Advanced technologies to reduce the needs for materials and pollutant emissions are required at manufacturing stage to diminish the direct and indirect impacts. At usage phase, enhanced brand-new power vehicle development, lightweight car design, improved automobile-washing liquid reuse technologies and rigid vehicle emission standard implementations will likely be helpful to attain the targets of energy and water saving plus pollution reductions.


  • Automotive industry;
  • Life pattern assessment;
  • Production phase;
  • Consumption stage;
  • Indirect effects



Size of automotive industry
Size of automotive industry
Italian automotive industry
Italian automotive industry

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