Automotive industry events

Automotive industry Events

SAE Cyber Auto Challenge WebinarIs a groundbreaking event in automotive cybersecurity. The task is a 5-day practicum based workshop in which groups comprised equally of pupils and specialists, including automotive designers, federal government engineers, and moral “white cap” hackers, focus on real vehicles discover genuine answers to your difficulties posed by cybersecurity in cars. Groups strive to recognize automotive cybersecurity trends and develop talent in a unique technical control in increased tech business.

An interactive understanding structure, the Challenge is a number of classroom lessons and talks alternating with hands-on work. It fosters collaboration and creativity amongst different cross-sectors of this automotive and cybersecurity industries. Business experts enjoy the fresh views made available from high-performing twelfth grade and college students. Students gain experience of skillfully developed and hands-on discovering you can’t get a hold of any place else. All parties reap the benefits of mentorship relationships therefore the powerful contacts formed at this occasion.

The Challenge demonstrates that automotive community:

  • Is keeping the core automobile engineer connected to the cyber community
  • Is prioritizing cybersecurity and mitigating potential risks from cyber/auto development
  • Is building a typical “community of interest” across the cybersecurity issue
  • Is building a cyber/auto talent “pipeline” amongst twelfth grade and college students
Get in on the 2016 SAE Battelle CyberAuto Challenge™ and ignite curiosity about the automotive business one of the better and brightest university and high school students – forge the next generation of cyber-auto engineers. Support the Challenge and produce an immersive, collaborative community vested within the advancement of this cyber-auto industry.



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Automotive industry means

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