Automotive industry Trends

So what does the car into the future appear to be?

And trendsetting technologies such automated and independent driving, smart infotainment, and lightweight design, a number of really fundamental trends tend to be influencing the sector: digitalization, sustainability, effectiveness, and value preserving are the maximum amount of part of the automotive sector as safety from the roadways and convenience and convenience while operating.

Automated operating

One of several major styles within the automotive sector is computerized driving. Later on, the connectivity of intelligent technologies will ensure that, on an increasing range roads, the task of operating is taken over because of the vehicle’s electronics. Commensurate with our motto “The upcoming in movement, ” we are passionately focusing on causeing the sight a reality for several car classes. Will we come across resource-efficient “driverless cars” and exactly how much longer will development take? Discover more about the trend of .

Electrical mobility

Just how can we design automobiles become much more efficient through increasing connection of electrification and present energy transmission technology along with the utilization of computer software and a sensible mixture of materials? We have been taking care of sustainable, customized mobility for everybody. One good way to repeat this has been standard, energy-saving clean transportation solutions for many automobile courses. Find out more about .


Accidents ought to be something of the past. Given the steadily increasing amount of traffic, the issue of safety when you look at the automotive business is now a key challenge for culture, industry, and politicians. Discover how Continental is increasing featuring its products.


Entire industries are changing with and through digitalization, while car motorists are demanding a lot more from their particular automobiles. As well as vehicle dynamics and usage, the identified cleverness, comfort, and convenience of the car in addition perform a substantial role. Automobiles are also becoming intelligent enough to know very well what drivers might like to do by monitoring their eye moves. For over a century, Continental has-been assisting car makers throughout the world make operating enjoyable not only in advanced and mid-size vehicles but in addition in little automobile classes. Find out about Continental’s technologies and solutions that donate to intelligent convenience and convenience methods in automobiles through .

Inform and entertain

Motorists should get as much information as necessary, but as little as possible. And also this includes low-distraction integration of the latest smartphone functions in every automobile courses. Continental is consequently always focusing on innovative technologies from field of data and entertainment, because of the purpose of making sure a holistic human-machine discussion. Learn more about the options of .



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