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Automotive industry Action Group

Tanya Bolden is director of corporate duty services for Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG), a nonprofit association where professionals from a diverse set of stakeholders strive to improve business procedures and harmonize company methods. She'll speak at NASF Sur/Fin on Monday, Summer 6, on “Emerging business Sustainability Trends for Automotive OEMs plus the Supply Chain.”

Tanya Bolden, Automotive Industry Action Group

Q: reveal that which you do at AIAG and your background.

TB: I lead AIAG’s program on business obligation (CR) and facilitate our work with groups of volunteers drawn from AIAG user organizations, including Chrysler, Ford, General Motors, Honda, Toyota and Nissan, and their offer string partners. We collaborate to produce and apply answers to the selection of challenges our business faces, from improving international doing work conditions and environmental sustainability, to increasing transparency and value for person legal rights in the supply string. I’ve been at AIAG for six years, and before that I happened to be with GM for twenty years in a number of jobs, of late as corporate obligation supervisor.

Q: How has actually your company's sustainability system cultivated?

TB: I’m happy to say that we’ve gone from a few individual initiatives to a far more matched, strategic method of CR. Once I stumbled on AIAG, we had working problems education, GHG estimating and reporting and safety and health. Subsequently, I’ve constructed on those and launched a fresh construction for CR, and really created our social and environmental programs. We in addition established a steering committee, made up of user company volunteers, which helps recognize promising issues and develop forward-looking methods to them. As some instances, we’ve produced an environmental sustainability consultative team, established chemical management understanding education and we’ll soon offer instruction in the Globally Harmonized program, a UN effort to standardize chemical protection information.



Automotive industry Group
Automotive industry Group
Automotive industry Bailout
Automotive industry Bailout

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