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In 1929, Alex Manoogian, our Company’s creator, organized Masco Screw items business in Detroit, Michigan, machining components the automotive industry. In 1936, Masco became a public organization and ended up being listed on the Detroit stock market. Upon America’s entry into World War II, Masco transformed into the make of materials to guide the war energy. This experience with brand-new technologies that resulted through the war work offered a springboard for Masco’s future development and permitted the organization to believe a leadership role in the metalworking industry. By 1942, Masco’s yearly sales had surpassed $1 million.

Masco Screw Products very first agreement was for a machining task from the Hudson Motor automobile Company.

Even with a grim economic forecast, the organization purchased several well-used but nevertheless effective screw devices.


A significant turning point in Masco’s history occurred in 1954 if the organization started production a couple of machine parts for an item that would revolutionize the plumbing work marketplace – the single-handle tap. 25 years after the founding of company, Alex Manoogian had applied his metalworking knowledge and abilities towards product and totally redesigned it. This new, attractive, practical Delta tap reached immediate acceptance and established the organization within the building items business.

nyc stock marketOnly four years as a result of its launch, Delta Faucet sales had passed the million mark. So that you can meet up with the developing need and influence production efficiencies, Masco constructed a fresh center in Indiana devoted solely to the manufacture of faucets.

The late 1960s had been a time period of significant change. Showing the Company’s diversification into the building services and products industry, in 1961 the business changed its name to Masco Corporation. Also, the organization relocated to its new headquarters in Taylor, Michigan and Richard Manoogian, the founder’s child, became President and Chief Operating Officer. This extensive growth culminated in Masco Corporation being noted on the newest York Stock Exchange in 1969.

Richard ManoogianIn 1969, Masco Corporation was listed on the newest York stock-exchange.

The introduction of the Delta® single-handle tap was a turning point in Masco’s record.


Throughout the 1970s, Richard Manoogian constructed on the prosperity of his parent, leading the Company to a prominent place on the Fortune 500 listing. With product sales surpassing billion in 1983, diversification carried on with Masco obtaining a number of complementary makers of commercial and building services and products organizations. In 1984, in a dramatic strategic initiative, Masco formed a new public business, Masco Industries, consists of its industrial component companies. Masco Corporation today had been consists of organizations centered on customer brand-name services and products for home and family members.

Adding to its portfolio of consumer brand-name items, Masco entered the closet manufacturing company in 1985. During 1990’s, Masco expanded into a diversified business taking pleasure in management roles in many growing industries. In this ten years, the organization joined the solution company, the architectural coatings business therefore the house windows company.

In management of Richard Manoogian, our founder’s boy, the business attained remarkable growth and joined the Fortune 500 directory of biggest U.S. corporations.

In 1985, Masco entered your kitchen and bath case production business because of the purchase of Merillat Industries.

Merillat Classic Avenue Bath Masco Corporation head office outside



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