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Katherine Taylor when it comes to Boston Globe

Cassie Olson of Shrewsbury grew up around automobiles; she’s getting an associate’s degree in automotive technology.

Some clients didn’t understand what to produce of Samantha Briody when they saw this lady behind the components counter at AutoZone in Weymouth.

“Is there a man here?” they would ask.

Little performed they discover how well-equipped she would be to help them.

Briody, 21, recently graduated with a bachelor’s degree in automotive administration from the Benjamin Franklin Institute of tech in Boston, and simply began a unique position as a parts expert at a Volkswagen dealership in Norwood.

But dealing with gender stereotypes will probably stay element of her task. Whilst the sheer number of females taking automotive classes has actually remained constant or risen in schools around brand new The united kingdomt, the share of them working as mechanics plus auto components product sales has actually declined in recent years — showing a drop in females in a lot of male-dominated companies.

But with professionals sought after, and women drivers outnumbering guys, the automotive business does more to entice ladies on field — and have them there.

The Automotive Women’s Alliance Foundation and Car Care Council Women’s Board have drawn more business sponsorships in recent years, letting them significantly raise the quantity of scholarships they award.

Automobile producers, including General Motors Co., 1st major automotive business having a female leader, have actually laid out plans to hire and better help female staff members.

Automotive businesses whom arrived at the Benjamin Franklin Institute tend to be progressively searching for women, particularly to interact with clients, stated Ashley Mansfield, manager of pupil success in the college. With women tangled up in 80 percent of car-buying choices, according to the research and consulting company Frost & Sullivan, it's wise to have a lot more of all of them doing work in the industry, she stated, not just to create female clients comfortable, but to take advantage of their particular interaction and problem-solving skills and awareness of detail.

Diane Larson of Larson’s provider in Peabody says the company can certainly still be hard for females.ladies compensate no more than 10% of around 150 automotive students within Benjamin Franklin Institute, and to fight this lack of community, Mansfield recently aided develop a women’s team in which students meet to share with you tales of discrimination, hear from feamales in the, and travel to trade events.

The women at the college can be far outnumbered by guys, but they are dedicated to their knowledge.

“The guys in the college just speak about how quickly their particular automobiles tend to be and don’t really focus on the lesson, ” stated Cassie Olson, an 18-year-old Shrewsbury native whom grew up assisting the woman dad change the oil and is getting an associate’s level in automotive technology. “The ladies genuinely wish to hear the lecture.”

Suzanne Kreiter/Globe Team

Diane Larson of Larson’s Service in Peabody states the business enterprise can still be hard for females.

When they get out in to the male-dominated workforce, but numerous don’t last. The share of female mechanics features dropped 3 portion points in the past 20 years, according to the Bureau of work Statistics. In wholesale and retail auto components, the percentage of females has dropped by the same amount. The sheer number of feamales in managerial opportunities within the auto industry in addition has dipped.



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According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, auto mechanics have an annual fatal accident rate of 4.3 per 100,000,  about equal to that of plumbers. Chart here: 


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