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German Association of the automotive industry

Renewable and target-oriented: pre-competitive shared research to ensure the future of transportation

The investigation Association of Automotive tech (FAT) unites all German traveler and commercial car manufactures in addition to many manufacturers beneath the auspices for the VDA for the intended purpose of carrying out pre-competitive joint research.

The trail car research projects of FAT members would be the foundation associated with the continuous, high-tech needs associated with German automotive industry because of the aim of finding new and improved methods to guarantee eco-friendly, safe and comfortable mobility someday. Research projects focus on the car as a whole, and pre-competitive joint research specializes in traffic methods, especially the technical conversation of cars with roadway traffic, train additionally the environment. Through FAT’s analysis, the VDA takes obligation for future years of transport in its entirety.

A simple yet effective platform for successful joint scientific studies are created through the collaboration of numerous corporations, makers and companies including through exemplary FAT community with German universities and research institutions.

Demand-oriented and dynamic: research the products of the next day

FAT’s goal is always to carry out pre-competitive road car study in cooperation with producers, suppliers and scientists, whoever objective should produce the basis for new items.

FAT’s analysis targets are dynamically adjusted on changing needs associated with market place and corporations in 5 research levels:

  • Security
  • Specialized environmental research
  • Energy savings and electrical integration
  • Material and production technologies, calculation practices
  • Transportation systems commercial automobiles

In expert working groups, members from industry define and implement the individual projects. Quick decision making guarantees that studies commensurate aided by the needs of FAT user companies tend to be immediately implemented.



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