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Industrial and automotive Lubricants

Reliability by LE OverseasLE Inc manufactures a line of top-notch, high-performance lubricants that will far meet or exceed standard lubricants in industrial and automotive applications. Making use of higher quality lubricants plants may be made to be much more trustworthy and efficient by protecting the apparatus and helping it to keep going longer with much better output. Buying these high quality lubricants can dramatically lower downtime and maintenance costs, and so return the original financial investment price of the lubricants often over.

LE’s high-performance manufacturing and automotive lubricants tend to be manufactured with extremely processed base natural oils (mineral or synthetic based), you need to include listed here proprietary ingredients that are used exclusively in LE Lubricants:

  • Almasol® solid wear-reducing additive can endure acutely hefty lots, chemical assault and temperatures up to 1, 900°F (1, 038°C). Its attracted to steel areas, developing a microscopic level but not building on it self or influencing clearances.
  • Monolec® liquid wear-reducing additive produces just one molecular lubricating film on material areas, vastly increasing movie power without impacting clearances.
  • Duolec® dual-acting additive imparts synergistic properties to lubricants, supplying both wear-reducing and severe stress security. It raises film energy and is temperature-activated to present a protective layer.
  • Quinplex® impact-resistant additive contributes to outstanding liquid weight, tackiness and technical security, and helps to make a barrier against corrosion.

LE’s analysis and developing group are constantly researching new products on advanced R&D center in Wichita, Kansas, to make sure that LE products always incorporate the best available technology and perform to the highest standards.

Xamine Oil evaluation

Xamine Oil Analysis

The reason why utilize Xamine?
By on a regular basis examining the conditions of oil in a motor, gearbox or circulating system, Xamine often helps achieve two vital goals:

  • Establish the most effective car care interval for maximum output & economy with the use of LE services and products with their longer service life
  • Avoid unscheduled downtime of gear by identifying irregular use, material & contaminant levels before they result major problems

How exactly does Xamine work?
Xamine allows you to be much more efficient with your using lubricants and equipment. This programme tracks oil samples for mechanical, working and environmental aspects that will influence gear and oil life. With constant, precise track of the health of your oil – whether in an engine, gearbox or circulating system – Xamine can help you increase important thing with less lubricant to shop for, a lot fewer components to help keep in stock, less made use of lubricant needing disposal, less labor much less downtime.

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