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Synthetic lubricant for acid gas service. Provides extra corrosion protection to metal surfaces subjected to acidic gases and minimizes their detrimental effect on the oil.

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Synthetic lubricant for acid gas service. Minimizes the effects of acids on the oil, which greatly extends both the life of the oil and the pumps.

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Premium Rock Drill Oil, with Synslide®. An ultra-tough, para-synthetic rock drill / air hammer oil designed to increase the life of air hammers and rock drills.

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Buffer / barrier fluid for mechanical seals. A pure, non-reactive, synthetic fluid that provides superior lubrication and cooling for double and tandem mechanical seals.

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Buffer / barrier fluid for double and tandem mechanical seals. Recommended for use at elevated temperatures where a nitrogen purge is not an option and when FDA purity is not required.

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Cylinder and packing gland lubricant, with Synerlec®. Recommended for use in reciprocating compressors that compress inert gases such as hydrogen, nitrogen, ethylene, carbon dioxide, methane, ethane, butane, propane, propylene, helium, LPG, etc. Cap™ is commonly used in gas reinjection compressors.

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Escalator Chain Lube is an ultra-tough, high-film strength synthetic lubricant designed to lubricate the chains of escalators, moving sidewalks and elevator doors.

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Dry film / EP lubricant, with Synerlec®. Recommended for chains and open gears operating in dusty environments.

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Multi-purpose aerosol lubricant / penetrant / preservative, with Synerlec®. A high film strength, multi-purpose, synthetic lubricant / penetrant that excels in plantwide maintenance-related applications.

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Super-solvent metallic cleaner. An effective non-corrosive, chemical solvent that offers maintenance personnel the unique opportunity to clean dirty equipment while in operation. This is possible because MaxSolv’s high thermal stability allows it to be added directly to the lubricating oil immediately prior to changing.

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