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Export Tips on the Automotive Parts businessThe U.S. Global Trade management regularly posts industry-specific reports that highlight opportunities overseas. These reports supply detail by detail evaluation on the competitive landscape within a sector, also difficulties and options facing U.S. exporters in these markets.

Marketplace Overview

The global automotive components industry is fiercely competitive, including big players in China, Asia and Russia as well as conventional automotive powerhouses into the U.S., Germany and Japan. However, not surprisingly competitive environment, since 2009 the U.S automotive parts business has nearly doubled its exports. This web site will evaluate the projected top markets and recognize the important thing difficulties and opportunities dealing with U.S. automotive parts producers moving forward.

The automotive parts industry is basically divided into two categories: Original gear (OE) manufacturers and aftermarket companies. OE suppliers account for to 75 percent of total production and interest in OE parts is closely linked with need for brand-new cars. Aftermarket components tend to be parts developed to replace OE components because they come to be used or damaged.

Projected Top Markets for U.S. Automotive Parts

Typically, governments purchased guidelines to guide the creation and growth of a domestic business, like the utilization of subsidies, tariffs and non-tariff obstacles. The report explains that Asia becomes a stronger prospect market for American-made OE auto parts because of its sheer production dimensions and present development of U.S. imports. It really is projected to create 27 million cars by 2020. Canada and Mexico occupy the other top two places for another type of collection of factors. Proximity to the U.S and sharing of a border, also integration of industry requirements continue to make these areas strong prospects for U.S. exporters moving forward.



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