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Career Opportunities in the Automotive industry

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Exploring Career Options into the Automotive Industry
Featuring Local Business Expert Panelists
Kris Haugebak, Manager – Johnston Car Areas
Joe Jerkins, Service Consultant – Westside Car Pros
Mike Swift, Owner – Trails End Automobile & Truck Salvage
Travis Troy, Owner – Truthful Wrenches
Jason Wieland, Technician – Ace Body & Motor

The Diverses Moines section of ASA will likely be sponsoring a networking and panel discussion event at Diverses Moines region Community College to present pupils seeking a vocation within the automotive service business towards local separate shop owners, managers and technicians. This can also be outstanding opportunity for regional store owners and supervisors to make a link with future professionals which could possibly become employees and discuss the abilities businesses look out for in their hiring process.

The panel discussion will give shop owners a chance to explore their particular experiences on the market and respond to questions from pupils stepping into the area. These pupils represent the latest generation of automotive solution professionals. It's important for present specialists to mentor and guide them so that you can enhance and secure the future of our business.

Pupil is taking multiple copies of their resume for distribution.

We're going to be announcing the winner of 2016 ASA-Midwest Des Moines Chapter Scholarship.

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Is it dangerous to do your own car repair? - Quora

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, auto mechanics have an annual fatal accident rate of 4.3 per 100,000,  about equal to that of plumbers. Chart here: 


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