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SNT-AUTOPART-Oil-Seal-TAPMA-adjustAbout The Thai Auto-Parts brands Association (TAPMA):

The Thai Auto-Parts brands Association (TAPMA) is a union of car parts production companies from the personal industry to serve as the central sound for automobile parts industrialists in the united states in order to protect, assistance and develop Thai companies. TAPMA has also been intended to identify and address issues that hinder the auto industry’s development in terms of manufacturing technology efficiencies, raw product import problems and workforce difficulties, specifically attracting and building competent laborers and designers. Currently TAPMA is entrusted because of the government and more than 401 people to portray the automobile components business and raise the country’s business to greater levels.

Member Ideas:

SNT is an Automotive components maker that registered as member of The Thai Auto-Parts Manufacturers Association (TAPMA)



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