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Those enthusiastic about tracking their state associated with electric automobile (EV) battery pack production market will probably be contemplating looking at the chart and dining table below — which supply a reasonable quantity of data available as regarding customer electric automobile battery packs (perhaps not regarding “heavy responsibility” cars like buses, or to energy storage space systems). And a big thanks to José Pontes when it comes to figures.

Power Maker first Quarter 2015 (MWh) 2014 (MWh) percent of 1Q 2015 top ten per cent of 2014 top
Panasonic 888 2726 45% 41%
AESC 361 1620 18percent 24percent
BYD 196 461 10per cent 7percent
Mitsubishi/GS Yuasa 135 451
LG Chem 114 886 6% 13percent
Samsung 105 314 5%
Wanxiang 62 3percent 0%
Beijing Pride Energy (BPP) 47 121 2%
Tianneng 38 77 1%
SB LiMotive 37
Complete 1983 6656 100per cent

As you care able to see, Panasonic continues to take over the market — with Tesla’s strong showing being an important factor. The company provides Volkswagen and, however, it must be recalled — offering it some growth potential beyond the Tesla relationship.

Top 10 EV Battery ManufacturersThe partnership between Nissan Motors and NEC, AESC, is continuing on its lengthy dive (down almost 20per cent of top ten share of the market in only three years). Given that Nissan will likely to be sourcing electric batteries from LG Chem someday, this dive is defined to keep.

BYD is continuing to complete really — plus it ought to be mentioned here these figures don’t also element in the business’s electric buses or its power storage solutions (which are significant). BYD’s market share is very due to the top-selling Qin EV, additionally its a great many other market choices.

All of those other list (once again, coming to us via the EV Sales blog) is all about just what you’d expect — a slow reduced top ten market share mostly, apart from LG Chem and Samsung, which are providing the battery packs for the Chevy Volt plus some of BMW’s electric choices, respectively.

A number of the little organizations further along the record have been able to gain some share of the market besides, though. Wanxiang was able to climb up to #7 (up from quantity 11 in 2014) with a top 10 share of the market increase of 2per cent thanks to the popularity of the Zotye E20, etc.

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