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Reduction in buying energy of rural India, stemming from shortage rainfalls in the last couple of years, behind the indegent program of A-segment automobiles.

IHS Automotive Attitude

  • Relevance
    A-segment cars have actually emerged because the top market share loser in Asia's light automobile market throughout the very first five months although the B sport utility car (SUV) part was the largest gainer.
  • Ramifications
    The trend of A-segment cars dropping market share to B-segment counterparts is becoming prominent given that effects of deficit rainfalls within the last few couple of years have become noticeable today.
  • Outlook
    We forecast the B-SUV part will probably get even more traction in the future much more models are established when you look at the segment, which was virtually non-existent 2 yrs ago.

A-segment cars have actually emerged once the top market share loser in Asia's light automobile marketplace during very first five months whilst the B recreation utility vehicle (SUV) portion was the largest gainer. In accordance with information available with IHS Automotive, the A-Car section’s share of the market stood at 30.1percent in the first five months in 2010, down from 32.2per cent in identical amount of 2015. Nevertheless, the segment continued to remain the biggest group in the united kingdom's light car market, understood to be the collection of cars significantly less than 6 tonnes in gross automobile weight (GVW). A complete of 408, 886 cars of the section were sold when you look at the timeframe.

A-Van – populated by models including Maruti Suzuki’s Omni and Eeco – additionally licensed a market share decrease of 1.1 portion things. As seen in the accompanying dining table, the part also sustained lower sales and for that reason, its share of the market came down to solitary digits.

Sales in A-segment MPVs like Maruti-Suzuki Wagon R and Tata Magic Iris also emerged down during duration and category's market share ended up being paid down by 0.9 percentage things to 6.5%.

At the same time, the B SUV segment appeared once the biggest winner of switching marketplace characteristics. With sales of 124, 112 devices, the part appeared given that biggest gainer in share of the market into the timeframe. The portion taken into account 9.1per cent of this light automobiles offered in the united kingdom in the 1st five months, up massively from just 1.9per cent into the matching period this past year.

The B-Car segment was another area which recorded development in sales and share of the market. A total of 321, 302 B-segment cars had been sold during the five months, leading to a market share of 23.6. This reflects a marked improvement of 0.6 percentage things over comparable schedule a year ago.

D-segment SUVs saw a decline in sales and as a result, licensed a 0.7 portion point slide in light car market share.

Outlook and implications

Of all of the part variations, two crucial trends stand apart. While sales of A-segment vehicles had been on top in losing market share, various other sub-segments with all the realm of A-segment also observed declines. This dataset tips to your industry-wide trend of A-segment dropping sales to B-segment vehicles. Better product sales of B-segment cars when comparing to their smaller alternatives comparison using the situation last year whenever second category had been preferred by buyers. The contrast is particular this time around once the outcomes of rural stress – stemming from deficit rainfalls within the last few few years – have become visible now. Almost all of outlying Asia nonetheless is dependent upon monsoon rains for irrigation. In recent years, cheap A-segment automobiles are making inroads in smaller cities and rural places as well as the deterioration in earnings levels in these markets is hampering sales of the cars.



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