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WMGIt was launched these days Wednesday 9th September 2015 that WMG, at University of Warwick, will lead a £14 million consortium generate a new automotive battery pack production analysis center. The task can help develop the new generation of grip battery packs for electric and crossbreed cars. It's going to combine the greatest personal and automated construction ways to produce battery pack packages and put the foundations of a brand new UK automotive supply sequence based for this technology.

The united kingdom's development agency Innovate UK have provided £10 million investment to guide the project. Known as AMPLiFII (automatic Module-to-pack Pilot Line for Industrial Innovation) it'll develop brand new knowledge, skills, technology and services to guide British industry wanting to make use of these brand-new technologies and operations in vehicle battery methods.

The project is led by WMG and offers Jaguar Land Rover, JCB, Alexander Dennis (ADL), Ariel engine business, PAISEU, Vayon Group, Delta Motorsport, Potenza Technology, RDVS, Trackwise, HORIBA MIRA, The University of Oxford, and Axion Recycling. The task in addition supports the united kingdom Advanced Propulsion Centre (APC) nationwide Spoke for electricity space.

Within the project, the OEMs (Original Equipment brands): Jaguar Land Rover, JCB, ADL, and Ariel will give you battery needs and coach the supply string to satisfy complete automotive quality, overall performance, robustness and safety standards.

The offer sequence partners: Delta Motorsport, Potenza, Vayon Group, RDVS, PAISEU and Trackwise will design and develop the battery methods to satisfy these needs.

Technology partners: WMG, HORIBA MIRA, therefore the University of Oxford will offer the design, development and production process while Axion will establish the lifecycle management of the battery system, including its recycling, remanufacturing and/or repurposing at end of life.

And leading the project, WMG will host the pilot production line as part of its Energy Innovation Centre on the University of Warwick university.

Professor Lord Bhattacharyya, president of WMG stated:

“The international power storage market is going to be worth $50bn by 2020; for this, $21bn is going to be in transport. Automotive is well returning to displacing electronic devices since the biggest individual of energy storage. This task will play a significant part into the development of this market by creating a UK offer chain for battery pack packs to suit hybrid and electric vehicles requiring volumes from hundreds to lots and lots of products annually. It will also produce a lasting facility at WMG for growth of future battery packages. This will additionally develop a huge number of jobs in this field.”

Professor David Greenwood from WMG, University of Warwick, stated:

“The volumes of battery pack packs traditionally required in this market have found it difficult to justify the high quantities of development expense and effort. Nonetheless by developing and generating a standard electric battery architecture, considering cylindrical cells for both high power and high energy demands, the supply sequence should be able to aggregate demand for components from numerous applications and benefit from significant economies of scale. AMPLiFII will create a battery supply string with mass-production criteria of robustness this is certainly good quality, low-cost and quickly to advertise.”

As soon as the research project is finished the pilot line will end up an available facility at WMG, operating alongside the national mobile scale-up facility currently at WMG, and form area of the "electrical power space" Spoke associated with the APC



Car battery manufacture date
Car battery manufacture date

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