Delavan 2878GS Trailer

Car hauler Manufacturing

General for RF 006-1“Delavan features over 60 several years of car-hauler production experience, which makes it many seasoned car-hauler maker in the us.”

Delavan started off in 1935 as a small trailer repair center in Buffalo, NY. The business repaired car-haulers and made bomb racks for the war energy during World War II. As the creation of cars in Detroit started to boost, repair shop owner Lempke made a decision to begin creating his own car-haulers plus in 1946 the Delavan brand came to be.

Delavan has generated a name for itself due to the fact earliest and best-quality trailers in the us. The brand is acknowledged for the continent for design and quality, and with over 60 several years of hard-working experience, Delavan is the most seasoned car-hauler maker in the us.

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In 1998, Delavan and LOHR Industrie, S.A. joined up with in a relationship to market Delavan’s trailers throughout the united states. “We have actually registered into a joint endeavor arrangement with Delavan to pay for the entire world. What we are taking into equation is that, once we have developed the sources for engineering we are going to bring our familiarity with most of the car carrier markets all over the world, ” stated Eric Belton of LOHR Industrie, S.A. “We will deliver our manufacturing abilities, even as we have seven factories globally, and a great knowledge of the worldwide customer base, (Automotive Logistics, 2014).”

delavan-heritage-1The Delavan and LOHR Partnership is strengthened by:

  • Revealing best techniques and safe technical solutions
  • Sharing of patents
  • Sharing of experience and sourced elements of offer
  • LOHR’s 50 many years of experience throughout the world whilst the leading

In 2013, Delavan also partnered with Miller Industries, which started production car-haulers while Delavan managed sales and help. This relationship only lasted a year, as Delavan wished to go back to production its own trailers to make certain customer satisfaction. Its that is why that in 2014, Delavan moved to its present center in Newnan, GA and began production and attempting to sell.

Presently, Delavan manufactures several trailer designs: the 2878GS, 4000GS, additionally the 6000GS. You will see these things in detail by pressing the merchandise website link at the top of the page.

Delavan’s history


Delavan Welding commenced by Milford N. Lempke, Alfred J. Gentile and John J. Johnston. Initially, Delavan’s business was at making storage space racks, containers, and dealing with welding repairs for local airplane flowers. This later on expanded in to the make of car transportation trailers and mind ramps.



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