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Car manufacturer logos Icons

Alfa Romeo custom logoAlfa Romeo
Initially designed by Romano Cattaneo and Giuseppe Merosi, in 1910

The Alfa Romeo business ended up being founded in 1910, and logo design has changed many times since then, but its main items have actually remained — the red on white-cross of Milan, in addition to serpent from the Visconti household coating of arms. I’ve never ever already been convinced. For the reason that there’s too-much information inside serpent plus it becomes lost at small sizes.

Developed in 1932

Audi’s four-ring design was created to symbolise the merger of four individual organizations. Among my favourites because of it’s user friendliness and meaning.

Designed in 1917

The blue and white panels regarding the Bavarian banner were put in the centre of this design. During the belated 1920s, the BMW logo was given a brand new interpretation, that of a rotating propellor. Simple and iconic.

Designed by Robilant Associati and also the Fiat Style Centre, in 2006

Between 1931 and 1968, a guard emblem decorated Fiats. This company logo recalls the older icon, and revised version has been made 3D. There’s something about the kind that just doesn’t inspire a good feeling. Is simply me personally?

Audi logo designFord
Designed by CH Wills, in 1909

The fashion designer, CH Wills, was actually an engineer and draughtsman, employed by Henry Ford in the early times. Very recognisable through absolute scale of Ford manufacturing. The logo design has actually truly stood the test of the time, but I’m fascinated in regards to what other logo designers think about it. Maybe it's just that I’m not so keen on ovals.


Here’s a concern, just who created the Honda logo?

Created by The Partners, in 2002

In upgrading the older Jaguar logo design, The Partners altered the logotype and digitally remodelled the leaping Jaguar. I’ve often wondered why the Jaguar is shown jumping from straight to left, countering how the attention reads the writing from remaining to right. Perhaps it’s to generate a far more streamlined end?

Designed by Siegel & Gale, in 2002

Title ‘Lexus’ is attributed to the text ‘luxury’ and ‘elegance’, which is one that we quite like.

BMW logo designMercedes-Benz
Developed in 1909

The most recognisable logos around. A three-pointed celebrity have been created by Gottlieb Daimler, showing the ability of their motors for land, air, and water usage. This star initially showed up on a DMG design in 1909, so it ended up being chosen the brand-new logo. The original laurel wreath expression employed by Karl Benz ended up being added along with his title to perform the new logo. The logo design with an ordinary ring, as seen these days, had not been utilized until 1937. More about Wikipedia.

Created by Yataro Iwasaki, in 1870

We showcased the Mitsubishi logo design in an earlier post, 15 perfectly simple logo styles, therefore’s a design I considerably admire. ‘Mitsubishi’ is a combination of the text ‘mitsu’ and ‘hishi’. ‘Mitsu’ means three, and ‘hishi’ means liquid chestnut. Japanese used the term ‘hishi’ for some time to denote a rhombus or diamond form. In address, Japanese frequently flex the ‘h’ to sound like a ‘b’ when it does occur in a word. So they really pronounce the combination of ‘mitsu’ and ‘hishi’ as ‘mitsubishi’.

Designed by FutureBrand, in 2000

This metallic roundel is a component of a fruitful Nissan revival, plus my estimation, is a noticable difference on those older styles which can be viewed by scrolling upon this site: Cartype Nissan Logo.

Created by Éric de Berranger, in 2004

Interesting typeface information: both Renault logo and its particular documentation (technical also commercial) had used a particularly created typeface known as Renault, developed by British firm Wolff Olins. This type family is thought to happen created not for status reasons, but primarily to save lots of prices at any given time where the utilization of typefaces ended up being more expensive than it is now. In 2004, French typeface fashion designer Jean-François Porchez ended up being commissioned to create an alternative. This was shown in October of that 12 months and it is called Renault Identité. Entirely on Wikipedia. I've featured Wolff Olins on my various other weblog: London 2012 olympic logo design catastrophe.


Fiat company logo Ford logo design Jaguar custom logo Mitsubishi logo design



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