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Spanish vehicle BrandsSpain is Europe’s next biggest automobile maker, whilst in the ranking for world’s biggest auto makers it offers achieved the eighth spot.

Unlike the united kingdom or France, who had been one of the pioneers in-car creating, Spain didn't have a prominent automobile industry until sixties. Within the last half of twentieth century vehicle manufacturing was developing quickly. Gradually, production group ended up being formed, SEAT being the nation’s automotive leading. Presently it continues to be the main traveler automobile brand in Spain.

83percent associated with automobiles produced in Spain tend to be exported. Automobiles made by Spanish automobile companies are offered much more than 100 countries. You will find more than 15 automobile flowers inside the country, while around 10 international companies develop or assemble automobiles in your area. Production of free part features a yearly turnover of 30, 000 million euros, 60% belonging to exports. In 2013 auto production volumes achieved 2.2 million vehicles.

Among Spanish automobile companies, SEAT is the only one that will develop autos in-house and who's was able to conquer mass marketplace. In 2015 it monitored a 7.45per cent market share.

GTA Motor logoA brief history with this organization started in 1953, whenever SEAT 1400 was released. This four-door sedan created top rate of 120 km/h. Through the after decade, virtually 100, 000 automobiles had been made. As SEAT happens to be created with Fiat support, its models established into the 1960s were accredited by Fiat, and lots of of those resembled Fiat vehicles. In 2003 CHAIR made its 14 millionth car.

Since SEAT ended up being bought by Volkswagen Group, it started a rapid resurgence. These days this business is recognized for the well-engineered automobiles, offering the best value for the money. Many of them tend to be Volkswagen clones with appealing Latin outside.

GTA Engine

Launched: 1994
Parent company: GTA Engine Competición

GTA Motor is well-known for its GTA Spano supercar designed and assembled in Valencia. The style had been revealed in 2008, initial car had been made 2 yrs later.

Hurtan Desarrollos S.L. logoHurtan Desarrollos S.L.

Founded: 1991

Automobile manufacturer located in Santa Fe manufactures three designs: Hurtan Albaycín T2 (two-seater), Hurtan Albaycín T2+2 (four-seater), and Hurtan Grand Albaycín. It focuses primarily on classic cars.

IFR Automotive

IFR Automotive’s very first model is IFR Aspid supercar present in two alternatives: recreation and Supersport. Experts note, that in spite of a relatively tiny engine it could achieve high speed.

Tauro Sport Automobile

Established: 2010

This car manufacturer is known for its luxury sports car Tauro V8. Its engine originated by General Motors. Four different types of this vehicle are available: Coupe, Saeta, Portago, and Spider considering Kappa system, also manufactured by General Motors. Most of them are sold in European countries, Russia, UAE, and Asia.

Avanced Design Tramontana

Created: 1995
Internet site:

Automobiles produced by Avanced Design Tramontana were impressed by Formula 1. The business positioned in Costa Brava, Girona launched its Tramontana sports car at Geneva engine Show 2005. It's far from being a mass manufacturing automobile, as only 20 production devices were made.

International automobile producers

Along with Spanish vehicle companies, additionally, there are several intercontinental auto makers manufacturing or assembling cars and trucks in the country. Many of them tend to be: Volkswagen Group, General Motors Europe, Nissan engine Company Ltd, Daimler, Ford engine business, Renault, Opel, PSA. Not only do they offer the requirements of Spanish marketplace, but also export their products. No wonder automobile industry’s share toward total exports exceeds 15percent.



Is it dangerous to do your own car repair? - Quora

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, auto mechanics have an annual fatal accident rate of 4.3 per 100,000,  about equal to that of plumbers. Chart here: 


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