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1930 Oldsmobile Two Door Coupe

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American Vehicle Manufacturers!

- Oakland Motor Vehicle Co. Pontiac, MI 1907-1909
- Oakland Engine Vehicle Co. Pontiac, MI 1909-1919
- Oakland Engine Automobile Co. Pontiac, MI 1920-1931
- O'Connor Corp. Chicago, IL 1916
Odelot - Lawrence Stamping Co. Toledo, OH 1915
Ogren - Ogren Engine Vehicle Co. Chicago, IL 1915
Ogren - Ogren Motor Works Chicago, IL; Waukegan, IL 1916-1918
Ogren - Ogren Motor Automobile Co. Milwaukee, WI 1919-1923
- Jewel Carriage Co. Cincinnati, OH 1909-1912
- OH Motor Car Co. Cincinnati, OH 1912
- Crescent Engine Co. Cincinnati, OH 1913
- Okey Engine Automobile Co. Columbus, OH 1907-1908
Oldsmobile - Olds Engine Works Lansing, MI 1896-1943
Oldsmobile - Oldsmobile Division of General Motors Corp. Lansing, MI 1943 up to now
Oliver - 1905
Olympian - Olympian Motors Co. Pontiac, MI 1917-1921
Omaha - Omaha Motor Vehicle Co. Omaha, NE 1912-1913
Omega - Suspensions International Corp. Charlotte, NC 1968 currently
- Only Engine Car Co. Port Jefferson, NY 1909-1915
- The Waltham Mfg. Co. Waltham, MA 1903-1908
- Jackson Automobile Co. Jackson, MI 1904
Orson - Brightwood Mfg Co. Springfield, MA 1908-1909
Otto; Ottomobile - Otto Petrol System Works Philadelphia, PA 1909-1911
Otto; Ottomobile - Ottomobile Co. Mt. Holly, N. 1912
Otto; Ottomobile - Ottomobile Co. Philadelphia, PA 1912
- Otto Konigslow Cleveland, OH 1903-1904
Ottomobile - (see Otto)
Overholt - The Overholt Co. Galesburg, IL 1909; 1912
Overland (see Willys)
Owatonna - Virtue & Pound Mfg Co. Owatonna, MN 1903
Owen - Owen Motor Vehicle Co. Detroit, MI 1910-1914
Owen Magnetic: Crown Magnetic - Baker, Rauch & Lang Co. Cleveland, OH; Wilkes-Barre, PA 1914-1919
Owen Magnetic: Crown Magnetic - Owen Magnetic Engine Automobile Corp. Wilkes-Barre, PA 1919-1922
Owen-Schoeneck - The Owen-Schoeneck Co.1912 Oakland Touring automobile Chicago, IL 1915-1916
- Owen-Thomas Motor Car Co. Janesville, WI 1909
Oxford - (view Detroit-Oxford)
1930 Oldsmobile Two Door Coupe

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According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, auto mechanics have an annual fatal accident rate of 4.3 per 100,000,  about equal to that of plumbers. Chart here: 


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